The Synced beta is now live until January 15, 2023. Sign-ups are open on the Synced official page or through Steam.

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Synced is a 3rd person looter-shooter survival game where you must travel over a post-apocalyptic landscape fighting monsters called Nanos. Synced is another zombie hoard game with a pet mechanic that I found interesting. The beta offers two modes of play: a hoard Co-op PVE survival mode and a PVP mode that needs more love. The PVE mode has you in a team of three as you move from checkpoint to checkpoint collecting weapons and upgrades and killing everything in between. PVP has you pit against another team as you fight over resources. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get into PVP mode and won’t be able to speak on that experience.

To start, you select a Runner and a Nano Companion. Runners are survivors with unique abilities, and Nanos are the robot pets that help you in battle. The flavor of runner only really changes the type of grenade you get to use, but the nano you choose plays differently. I liked using the Crusher nano because he was bulky and hit hard. I found the pet mechanic easy to manage and a lot of fun. I loved the feeling of dropping down a giant onto the battlefield to take off agro and do my bidding. I will eventually try the other Nanos, but at the moment, Crusher is bae. During matches, you can find better weapons and earn currency to exchange for upgrades like in any other survival game. Upgrades are randomly generated, but I found the RNG to be fair. 

Synced has a leveling system where you are able to unlock better weapons, upgrades, and characters as you finish matches and quests. At the moment there is a holiday event where you can earn skins for your character. 

I am having a lot of fun with this game. The gameplay is smooth, and I haven’t found any bugs. The graphics and the concept are interesting. My only complaint is that wait times can be bad depending on when you play. During peak times, you can get into a PVE match pretty quickly, but I have yet to try their PVP mode. I have a feeling that PVE is going to be where I am going to spend a lot more of my time anyways. If you are looking for a game to play, check out the Synced beta. It’s fun, it’s free, and it is looking very promising. 

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