Film Review: The Invitation (2022)

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The Invitation is a disappointing horror movie that isn’t worth your time. There are some interesting visual moments in this movie, but they aren’t worth sitting through this movie.

Evie is a struggling artist with no family left who decides to do a DNA test to see if she has any living relatives. She finds a long-lost cousin who flies her out to England to meet the rest of the family she didn’t know about. Evie is shocked to find she belongs to a very powerful and old family in England and quickly falls for a mysterious lord. But within the shadows of the manor, an evil presence hunts for blood. Can Evie discover the sinister motives behind her visit before it is too late?

The acting in this movie is fine, but the writing isn’t. They try too hard to be politically correct, and it comes off too preachy. Evie is constantly voicing her disapproval of the wealthy class, and it gets tiresome. Evie is a very one-note character whose only characteristic is to virtue signal woke buzzwords to a millennial audience that probably didn’t go see this movie.  

The writing struggles to keep the plot moving. While I appreciate the beautiful shots of the manor they used as a setting, there isn’t any substance. If the movie isn’t virtue signaling or forcing conflict, it sort of remembers it’s supposed to be a horror movie. There are some solid horror moments in this film that have me wishing this movie stayed a horror movie instead of turning into the cheesy cliche it is. What little suspense this movie can create falls flat when ex-Machina comes to save the day. 

With so much content out there, your time is better spent elsewhere. But for those who don’t believe me, watch this on Netflix.

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  1. Remember that book ‘The Secret’? The image of the invitation reminds of that. A self help inspirational book that came with a vhs film that did not age well. Sometimes I’m surprised how often Netflix uses regular old words that have been used for so many other movies and they simply get away with it.

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    1. I remember that book was everywhere, but I never read it. This was a Sony Pictures movie, but it does feel like a generic Netflix movie. Netflix will keep pumping out those cheap movies because they like to pad their library with junk.

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      1. Netflix definitely does the padding and then headlines with some higher quality movies and big names. ‘The Luckiest Girl Alive’ with Mila Kunis resonated well with me. Intense, but powerful story.

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      2. Yeah, I’ve sat through some terribly generic garbage, but sometimes it does surprise me. The Luckiest Girl Alive was one of the ones that surprised me. It was a very intense trip but I enjoyed it.

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