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I have been on a search for the next MMO that will fill the void Phantasy Star Online 2 has left behind. I need a laid-back experience that I can pick up on the little spare time I have left that doesn’t feel like it is another job. As part of this search, I decided to give Lost Ark another chance.

I tried Lost Ark when it first came out and quickly gave up on it. At the time, I thought the grind was too slow and boring. I tried different classes but couldn’t find a combination that stuck. It’s been a while since I last played the game, and I believed that enough time had passed where the experience would be different this time around. I was surprised by how different the experience was, but I’ve also learned this game isn’t from me.

Pictures and video taken from the game

For those who don’t know, Lost Ark is an MMO action RPG that is similar to Diablo, but different enough to not be considered a clone. It promises an engaging story, an open world, and fun combat. Unfortunately, I kept skipping the story, so I can’t speak on that part of the game. I didn’t like that it was only partially voice-acted, and none of what I read hooked me enough to keep reading. 

But story aside, this game is beautiful. The settings, the special effects, and the aesthetic are breathtaking. Lost Ark has an impressive character creation that should satisfy anyone ready to dive into this game. I lack creativity and usually just played around with whatever templates were available.

Combat was a lot of fun when I finally found the class that worked for me. I loved tinkering with the abilities and trying to find a build that worked best for me. I love it even more that there are build guides baked into the game. You no longer need to worry about going to third-party sites when all the builds are just a press of a button away. The grind was still slow, but boss fights and dungeons bring a much-needed disruption to the monotony.

My biggest issue with the game is that the grind is too much for my schedule. It is still slow, and it can grow stale. I won’t ever be able to get to the point where the game gets fun, and I’ve made peace with that. The grind may not be as bad as other MMOs I’ve played in the past, but it is bad enough for a warning. Sure I could pay money to boost my character to the end game, but that would defeat the purpose. My favorite part of any MMO is building a character from scratch and finally getting to an endgame.

I liked this game and would play it if I had more time. I understand that my expectations for an MMO are unrealistic, but I can still cling to my hope. If you are curious about this game and like the genre, there is no harm in trying it. It looks great, it is easy to pick up, and it’s free. You can download and play Lost Ark on steam!

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