I’ve noticed that Nintendo has been trying very hard to bring classic titles to a modern audience. I for one am in full support and am excited for what is to come. These aren’t just simple ports, at least they don’t promise to be. These seem to be full-on remasters with updated graphics and improved gameplay. I hope this will be the norm for the rest of the Switch’s lifespan.

The first remastered game I want to bring to your attention is GrimGrimoire OnceMore. This is a fantasy real-time strategy game. Play as Lillet as she enters her first year at Magic Academy and learn from the different schools of magic. Use the magic you learn to summon minions and cast powerful spells to defend the school from disaster. Can you save the school before it is too late?


The art looks great, the story seems interesting, and it is promising fantastic world-building. The game looks to play like a tower defense game. I may not be good at the genre, but it is one of my favorite genres. Whether it is the custom games from Warcraft 3 or Orcs Must Die, I’ve spent more hours than I’d care to admit obsessing over ways to stop the hordes. GrimGrimoire OnceMore is looking to be a very relaxing experience that I will probably pick up at launch to see how good the world-building is.

According to the official website, this version promises a myriad of improvements to the gameplay, and art, and it will even come with new features. As nostalgic as I am for the classic era of gaming, I can’t help but be grateful for the quality of life changes that come with the modern age.

The game is set to release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on April 4, 2023. You can preorder your copy today! (Amazon Affiliate Links)

The Collectors Edition is also up for Preorder

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