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Dragon Quest Treasures was an impulsive buy for me. I liked the art and was familiar enough with the title to risk sinking some time into it. I knew nothing about this game going into it except for having a vague memory of playing the first Dragon Quest on the original Gameboy. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was ready for an adventure. I was relieved to find this game a comforting and casual experience that I can recommend to those interested in this title.

Images and Video taken from my play through

Dragon Quest Treasures is an RPG adventure game where you play as a young protagonist in search of buried treasure. With the help of monsters you befriend along the way, you aim to form the mightiest crew of Treasure hunters in all the land. But with so much competition doing the same, this task will not be easy.

The game is geared toward a younger audience, as reflected in language, art, and humor. Treasures have a simple story that is very linear and easy to follow. The story requires very little attention. It is almost negligible against the gameplay, but it was nice to hit the cut scenes, and I even laughed at a few of the puns, but there isn’t anything deep to sink into.

Treasure hunting makes up most of the gameplay. I found this to be an interesting mechanic until it wasn’t. Collecting treasure comes in the form of scavenger hunts, random dungeons, and story quests. I liked that treasure hunting becomes an alternate way to level up your characters, but it gets repetitive. That said, it was neat to see your base fill with treasure as you progressed. I became obsessed with filling the treasure not only to unlock helpful boosts, but also to see my base get nicer. 

Combat is where it gets a bit tricky to recommend this game. On the surface, it appears simple, but there is an unexpected layer of complexity to it. It is not so complex that it loses its casual standing, but complex enough where putting thought into your builds makes a difference in how quickly you can progress through the story. I was able to do well enough with picking monsters I thought were cool, but I could see areas where min-maxing is a deal. I recommend playing whatever you find fun. The types of monsters you use, the food you give them, and the gear you hand them make a difference. Aside from how you build your crew and what ammo you carry, combat isn’t too varied. You can either beat an enemy with your knife until it dies or shoot it with your slingshot. There are instances where you don’t even need to fight if you have a strong enough crew to fight for you. 

If you haven’t guessed by now, my only complaint with this game is that it gets repetitive. The combat, the quests, and treasure hunting never changes. Sure the types of monsters you fight get tougher the deeper you get into the story, and you get access to different abilities, but there was nothing new to keep me hooked for longer. Treasure hunting also loses appeal after a while, and it began feeling like a chore if I played too long. It never got so bad that I quit the game entirely, but it meant I was only playing this game in short bursts. 

In the end, I liked the game enough to not regret spending the $60. I like that it is a casual experience that I can pick up and not become too invested in. The art was cute, and I liked how different it felt from the games that I was used to. However, I believe $60 is a bit much to ask for. If you are getting this for kids, it’s a cute enough title that will keep them entertained. If you are looking for a casual title to relax to as you take a break from your busy schedule, I think you can find $60 of value in this game. For everyone else, however, I would wait for a used copy or a sale to justify what you are getting. If you don’t mind the nearly mindless repetition and lack of story, this is a solid game worth your attention. You can get this game for the Nintendo Switch.

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Image By Square Enix – https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/dragon-quest-treasures-switch/, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72564114