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It has been a while since I have been this bored with a series. The Rig is another example of a series that should have been a movie. While it has some good moments, there aren’t enough to earn a recommendation. Do yourself a favor, don’t watch this series.

Out somewhere in the ocean, a greedy corporation drills for oil at any cost. Tensions run high on the rig as burnout falls over the workers. With another season coming to a close, strange things start to occur. The rig loses communication with the outside world as a mysterious fog rolls over them. There is something in the fog making people sick and damaging the rig. Can the crew find a way off before it is too late?


The series has a solid cast, but the narrative and pacing aren’t. The plot unravels so slowly that I lost interest almost immediately. I didn’t care about any of the generic characters or their storylines, I just wanted this series to be over. There may have been some neat visuals and interesting ideas buried within all the nothing, but they aren’t cool or interesting enough to save this series from mediocrity. 

What I liked least about this series is how preachy it gets about its messaging. This series wastes too much time on its explicit green and anti-corporate messaging that it loses its effectiveness. The writing is so bad that there are lines of dialogue where characters will explicitly complain about bad oil is for the environment and how evil corporations are. I tuned out a lot of this series because it is repetitive and lazy. Had this series been condensed, it would have been a forgettable B movie. 

It’s hard to write too much about this series because it is mediocre. This series is boring, and I can’t recommend it. You can stream it on Amazon if you have a Prime membership, but don’t waste the data.

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Image By Amazon Prime – IMDb / Amazon Prime, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72726327