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The Old Way is a mediocre attempt at a western that is better left forgotten. This movie is boring and a complete waste of time. Even if you are desperate for something to watch, you have better options available.

The movie is about a generic infamous gunman with an impressive reputation but no personality. He has set his violent ways behind him and has settled for a quiet life in a new town where he runs a general store and has started a family. But his past has come to haunt him. A mysterious villain and his crew have moved through town and killed his wife. Now it is up to Nick Cage and his daughter to hunt down his wife’s murder and get his revenge.

This movie is made unremarkable by its terrible acting, lack of interesting story, and dull action sequences. This film lacks everything that makes westerns fun and instead replaces them with a lot of walking and pointless conversations. The script is bad, and the conversations make this movie feel longer than it is. There wasn’t even enough action in this movie to save me from boredom. The available action lacks the excitement to make me interested. 

It seems as if I was as disinterested in this movie as the actors. The movie features a very tired and unimpressive performance from Cage and most of the actors supporting him. The child actor is the only one that seemed to show any passion for the project, but I doubt more passion from the rest of the cast would save this movie.

There isn’t much more to say about this movie because it left no impression on me. I was so bored that I needed multiple breaks to power through to the end. This movie is so unremarkable that I have already forgotten that I watched it. It isn’t worth your time or the trouble of looking it up. Even if you like making fun of bad movies, there isn’t anything for you here. Do not watch this movie. It is a waste of time.

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Image https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWakq9qQ6Ik&ab_channel=LionsgateMovies