Game Review: Samurai Maiden

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I got Samurai Maiden as an impulse. I wanted something to do while I waited for Fire Emblem Engage. I liked the art, and I needed something to do. Unfortunately, my interest faded quickly the deeper I got into this series.

You play as a high school girl who finds herself in the past. It has prophesied that she would come to save the world from a great evil. With the help of a group of sexy ninjas, you must now fight against the forces of evil and fulfill your prophecy.

I don’t believe I need to be any more specific because the narrative is as generic as it gets. There is an audience for this game, but it wasn’t me. The writing for this game is bad. This might be due to a poor translation, but I just couldn’t get past it. The voice acting is okay, but it bothers me that they constantly pause after each line of dialogue. I couldn’t get invested in a story that was poorly executed. The only aspect of this game that I liked was the art. Samurai Maiden is a beautiful game, but it remains a shallow experience.

The main gameplay exists within this very stiff hack-and-slash game. As the main character, you fight your way through small dungeons and call on your friends for support. There are some dating sim elements to this game. You gain friendship with your support characters as you use them. You can also form romantic relationships with the other ninjas. You unlock more combos and back story as you develop relationships with the other characters. I liked this mechanic and thought it was an interesting way to handle support characters and worldbuilding. It wasn’t good worldbuilding, and I didn’t care for the dating sim bits, but it was an interesting mechanic. 

If you like these kinds of games, you might have a better time. There is enough fan service and cute moments, but the gameplay just isn’t there. For everyone else, it isn’t worth the trouble, especially for the price of $59.99. It looks great, but the game isn’t. But for those interested, you can get it on Steam, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch

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