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I enjoyed the first season of Hunters but was disappointed by how it ended. I was so disappointed by its conclusion that I was considering not returning for the second season. This season was fine, but I didn’t think it was worth the effort. It feels too drawn out and without any real direction. It may not be a terrible show, but it does leave a lot to be desired. If you are curious about this series or need a proper conclusion, I suggest you throw it in the background so you can skip all the boring bits.

Hunters is a series about a group of people who come together to hunt down Nazis who went into hiding. The justice is too slow so the Hunters are taking justice into their own hands.

I found this season more convoluted than the last with less action. The action it did have isn’t exciting. This season felt like it lacked direction as it struggled to pad its run time with a boring backstory and intrapersonal conflict. There are a lot of stories added to this season that felt out of place even within the narrative. Some characters were devastatingly underutilized, while others overstayed their welcome. Nothing stood out this time, and I found myself struggling not to fast forward.

My issue with this season is that it doesn’t have a proper villain. The first season with its faults had a proper force fighting against the hunters. Here, the heroes only seem to fight themselves, and it gets tiresome. I get that the point was to have an incompetent villain, but when they are this incompetent, what is the point? This season turns an interesting concept into another generic action thriller, but one that isn’t very fun.

I wasn’t a fan of this series and have already forgotten what happens in it. It may not be the worst, but with so much better content out there, it is better to hold off until you have absolutely nothing to watch. If you do end up watching this series, I suggest you keep the remote handy to skip over all the boring bits. For those interested, check it out on Amazon.

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