The winners for the 2023 Digimon Illustration winners have just been announced. Winners of this competition will have their cards printed in special promotional packs at a later date. I just got into the hobby and hope to score a set for my collection. Only eight cards will be printed, and I think my favorite is the Jellymon. Make sure you go over to the official website for the ruling.

Grand Prize

「Blood moon」
Kariki Hajime

Second Place

「Imperialdramon a new hope」
Capitan Artiglio
「Gather dreams」
「Have a Sukamon parfait」
「Know Oneself」
Takeuchi Moto
「Strong! Strong! Strong!」
「Sunny day after rain」
「Watching the sunset」
Iori Sunakura

I just wanted to share the news because the cards are beautiful, and wanted to spread the news. My hope is that it will get other people interested in at least collecting. I just started my collection and I am obsessed. I haven’t had a chance to play the game with people because my schedule is so busy, but the gameplay is pretty fun. If you want to start learning the game, they have a free app for Android and IOS devices that shows how to play. The official Reddit and Discord are great places to go if you want information or want to pick up a game or three. I will make sure I come back with news on how to get the cards.