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I was sent Broken Spectre as a review code. I am very grateful for the opportunity, but I won’t let it sway my opinions. This will be my honest review.

Broken Spectre is an unreleased horror narrative for VR that uses hand tracking instead of the remotes. You play as Casey as she goes into the mountains to search for her father who went missing 25 years ago. But the truths she uncovers are a lot more sinister than expected. 

Taken from the Press Kit

I don’t do well with horror games, so this title took me longer to complete than usual. That said, Broken Spectre is a great horror story. The music, the 3D sound, and hand tracking work together to create the game’s ominous atmosphere. The deeper I got into the story I got, the harder it was to convince myself to keep going.

It is hard to talk about the narrative because I don’t want to ruin the ending, but it is a well-crafted narrative. All the clues you find, the visuals you see, and the bits of dialogue you hear all build to the games satisfying conclusion. I found it a bit short, but enjoyable. 

The use of hand tracking was a nice touch because it made the game feel a lot more immersive. If you do use hand tracking, make sure the room is well-lit. I felt that the controls were buggy in dim or low light.

The game was released in June 2023, but it felt pretty finished to me. I did break the game a few times, but I was able to work around it. If you like horror and visual novels, you should look into getting this game. It is available on the App Lap if you don’t want to wait.