Digimon Seekers: Chapter 1-1

While we wait for a new chapter for Digimon Seekers, I thought I’d revise the chapters to make them read a little nicer. There is nothing wrong with the original story, but some of the translations read a bit awkwardly. This isn’t my story or my ideas. You should go read the original and make sure they get the views. Maybe buy the toy while you’re at it. Let me know if this is something I should keep doing.

Hungry snarls echo off the tunnel walls. Heavy hurried steps crash onto loose gravel. Thick black claws dig deep into the earth as they move swiftly through the darkness. An old light flickers for a moment shining over red scales and angry blue eyes. It looks like Tyrannosaurus Rex, but not like one you’d see in an encyclopedia. It has black stripes scattered across its body and a pale emerald row of scales running down its back. Behind him, two more identical beasts follow closely, sniffing at the scent of their prey.

A subway car zooms by, lighting up the predators as they continue their pursuit unphased. Tyrannomon.

Tyrannomon, mature, dinosaur type, data species

They inch closer to their prey, its shadow now in sight. Fangs blare as drool drips down prehistoric jaws. The prey’s smell fills its nostrils as the shadow comes within reach. Their prey is trapped.


The first Tyrannomon lunges, but his route is cut off as another train passes, narrowly brushing its snout. The three Tyrannomon stop as the train passes. They’ve grown familiar with man’s obstructions. They pace a bit as the train continues to pass before resuming their pursuit. This prey was on their turf. There was no getting away.

They follow their prey deeper into the darkness, deeper into the underground until they find themselves surrounded by darkness.


The Tyrannomon stop as they wade in the sewage. In complete darkness, they give deep sniffs as they try to pick up the scent of their prey. Before they have a chance to react, a tornado forms around the Tyrannomon. A large whirlpool rises violently, surrounding the Tyronnomon and sending them flying. One of the Tyrannomon loses its balance and falls backward into the murky water. Its belly is left exposed as it struggles to stand up.


A shockwave pierces into Tyrannomon’s stomach, leaving a deep wound in its soft belly. The Tyrannomon lays motionless as its eyes
grow pale and lifeless.

Eiji Nagasumi takes a seat on the second floor of a fast food restaurant. He carries with him the free drink he got with his coupon. A digital 3D pop-up advertises the newest burger in the background. The Kibuku mascot takes a bite of a large burger “Don’t forget to supersize it” the advertisement trails off. A generic Pandora station plays quietly in the background.

Eiji pulls out his phone from his jacket. “Let’s see if there’s any work”

Eiji logs into the social network GriMM and begins to scroll through the topics. GriMM is the world’s most popular social network. People use it for messaging, video, and live streaming. It is also home to various chat rooms and groups. Its most distinctive feature is its support for the proprietary cryptocurrency Digicoin (DC). But parts of GriMM are also illegal.

For freelancers like Eiji, having GriMM is a necessity if they want to make money. GriMM is where freelancers can find job postings, sales, and other tools of the trade. GriMM has its own rules and economy, but this autonomy threatens the world’s major powers.

Eiji scrolls through the job listings and mutters to himself.

“Breeding is too hard, it takes too long and there is too much …risk. Capturing is the quickest way to make money, but being a full-time hunter means you’re always working”

He scrolls over an image of a BlackAgumon “One -Hundred Million DC for the capture?” Eiji decides to go for it. It’s decent money. One hundred million DC is worth more than a hundred million yen. That’s more money than Eiji could ever imagine. It would be enough to support him for ten years without having to work. But Eiji’s heart sinks as he looks through the comments. The comment section is full of trolls or people begging for money. GriMM is a dumpster fire, but it’s a necessary evil.

Eiji stares out the window as he thinks to himself, “Maybe this is some sort of urban legend. An Agumon wouldn’t be worth a million. And if it were black, it wouldn’t be an Agumo..” his trance is interrupted by a feint beeping.

“My Tyrannomon!” Eiji shouts involuntarily. A group of high school students sitting at the other end of the restaurant turn to stare at Eiji. Eiji doesn’t notice and keeps looking at the palm-sized LCD in his hand.

Until last year, Eiji was one of them. The kids turn back to their conversation. Enjoying a carefree life without goals, purpose, or worries. Must be nice.

 Eiji puts down his phone to focus on the small toy-like device in his hand. A small deformed pixel art dinosaur-like creature fills the screen. It’s Tyrannomon, but the one that has fallen has an “X” in its eyes.

“Gah! I’m so stupid!” Eiji growls. He was so busy looking for a part-time job that he got too distracted, and this distraction was going to cost him. Eiji hits his head a few times “stupid, stupid, stupid” he murmurs angrily.  

The two remaining Tyrannomon look up from the LCD screen at Eiji, then at each other in confusion. Eiji presses the keys on the screen, replacing the downed Tyrannomon. Looking down at his Digimon, Eiji begins entering commands.

“Capture the target, or no food for you!” Eiji growls at the Tyrannomon. If the Tyrannomon don’t capture the target, he won’t get to eat either. Such is the life of a freelancer.

The high schoolers shift in their seats as they steal awkward glances at Eiji. They think it’s weird that he’s so excited over a game.

But this isn’t a game. At least not for Eiji. Eji is a code cracker. Code crackers are hackers who aren’t afraid to work in the grey areas of the law or engage in illegal activities. This was a job, and Eiji needed to get paid. 

Eiji begins to furiously enter commands. Tool Settings….Capture! Reassign target to Modoki Betamon

“You’ll pay for underestimating Cracker Fang,” Eiji thinks to himself, referring to his online alias. Eiji clicks the Execute button. The Tyrannomon disappears from the screen. They’ve got a job to do. Eiji takes a sip from the paper cup. A notification chimes. Eiji looks down at the LCD screen and smiles. The Tyrannomon have captured their prey. Eiji picks up his phone and continues to scroll through GriMM as he finishes his drink.  

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo


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