Outerplane is a new turn-based RPG coming to IOS and Android that you should consider if you are in the market for a Gotcha game. The animation and voice acting for the announced characters are fantastic. I recommend you head over to the official YouTube page and check them all out. The art style might lean too heavily into the anime and fan service, but I didn’t think it was an issue. I like the art enough to start collecting.

I have a soft spot for Gotcha games because I love collecting things. I like that the gameplay is casual enough that I don’t have to no-life the game to enjoy the content. I can play on the go without having to take a console with me, and I appreciate the dopamine rush of rolling for a new character. Ever since Nintendo shut down Dragalia Lost, I have been unsuccessful in my search for a replacement. I can only hope that Outerplane is fun enough to fill the void Nintendo left behind.

Outerplane is going to be free-to-play, but you can pay money to gamble for new heroes. First-time players will get a free three-star hero, and another one if they get far enough in the story. The game will launch in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore on Android and IOS on April 18. Preregistration for the global release is coming in May. I’ll be trying Outerplane as soon as it becomes available, and be back with my results when I can. 

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