The Big Door Prize (2023)

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I just watched the available episodes for Apple’s new series The Big Door Prize, and I can’t help but feel disappointed. The series had potential and some interesting ideas, but it was boring. It was a mistake for Apple to make this series a weekly release. The series is about halfway over, and I don’t want to finish it. I probably will because I have to, but I doubt it gets better.

A small town becomes destabilized when a mysterious machine appears at the local grocery store. For just two dollars, the machine can tell you your potential. After seeing their potential, some people find the courage to pursue a dream they didn’t know they had. Others will spiral as they struggle with the ideas of fate and free will. Where did this mysterious machine come from? Is it really the miracle everyone believes it is, or is it a piece of nefarious engineering?

The series has a solid cast who give decent performances, but the writing and pacing aren’t good. The events of this series move much too slowly because they drag this series out for too many episodes. This could have been a better movie or smaller series, but instead, we have to sit through all its filler. It doesn’t help that the commentary and criticism it tries to make about fate and potential are redundant and lazy. The biggest issue I had was keeping myself from fast-forwarding to the end. 

The Big Prize Door proved too quirky, slow, and dull for my taste. It isn’t the worst series in Apple’s catalog, but it is hard to sit through. If you are thinking of watching it, I hold off till you can binge the whole thing, and then I would hold off until you have nothing else to watch. 

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    1. Yeah, I don’t really watch much of Apple TV because while it may look cool, its not always good. I saw Schmigadoon when it first came out and finished it. I didn’t write a review because I wasn’t sure if I didn’t like it because it was a musical or if it was really bad. I don’t remember much of it now but I remember hoping it would be funny but thinking it was dumb. What do you think of it?

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      1. I watched 2 episodes so far, I just put it on when I had enough of everything else! I was curious, when I spotted it, as I’d heard of Brigadoon, and just never got round to watching that – I find Schimagadoon quite creative and fun, I down think I could have done it better, so I admire them for what they’ve done, but I dont normally like musicals, so I dont know if I shall continue to the end, maybe! 😀

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      2. Oh its definitely not the worst thing on apple. Funny enough, I started watching it for the same reasons. I remember feeling disappointed by the ending, but I’d have to go back to watch it again

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      3. I enjoyed Severance on Apple TV, and we watched Mosquito Coast, (even though season 2 was a total bore!) I was ready to give up my subscription, then I found The Servant, and Lesley’s Story and Losing Alice, even Mythic Quest is quite good, much better than some of Theo there stuff we had been watching on there!


    1. I am with you, I have trouble convincing myself to watch new content these days because the recent shift to streaming kind of ruined story telling. They make TV shows too long at the cost of a good story to keep people watching longer for subs. I feel like movies just bring in whatever named brand actor is hot at the moment to pull in viewers, but then forget to write the story. I am also glad to find others like me!

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      1. I feel like between poor writing, toxic creators, the endless fan baiting, and now the recent lack of quality story telling makes me feel like Hollywood has forgotten who actually pays the bills.

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      2. It’s frustrating and its going to get worse with the writers guild going on strike. We’re about to hit a rough patch in tv and cinema and I am not ready for it.


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