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United 1944 is a WW2 FPS with survival and strategy elements coming to PC via Steam. You and your team must work together to gain control of your war-torn village. You can craft weapons, build and defend bases, and fight over territory. There aren’t any classes in United 1944. Instead, players will have access to a seemingly extensive skill tree that they can customize to fit their play style. Teamwork is crucial for victory in United 1944. You and your team must scavenge, build an arsenal, defend a base, and gain more territory to win the match. The dev released a fantastic and short video with a better breakdown of the game if you need further convincing.

The closed beta will run from May 19 – May 21. The featured game mode will be a 16 v 16 base conquest on a North African map. More maps like France and Russia will be available in a future release. The beta will only be playable for 4 hours each day. Make sure you follow the socials to know when to log in. The biggest draw to this game is its survival mechanics. Players will start with nothing and scavenge around the city for materials to craft weapons and gear. I assume the 4-hour run time is to ensure all players have the same advantages.  

If you are looking for a new FPS and don’t mind the survival elements, go sign up for the closed beta on Steam. Signing up for the beta does not guarantee access, but it doesn’t hurt to sign up. I’ve signed up for the beta because I love the aesthetic, and the concept seems pretty cool.  

Make sure you also follow the socials to stay up to date on all the news: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.