Digimon Seekers: Chapter 1-5

While we wait for Sunday’s chapter, I’ve decided to revise the Seekers story to fix some of the story’s awkwardness. I will keep the story the same but will try to make it sound nicer. This isn’t my story, so please make sure you check out the original. Let me know if this is something worth continuing. Make sure you start at chapter 1-1

There are two major ways to obtain Digimon. The first is by capturing them with a special AI tool. The other is by hatching them from eggs known as Digitama.

Digimon aren’t like the animals we are familiar with. Digimon have no gender, and they don’t reproduce. When a Digimon dies, it leaves behind data. Think of this data like a Digimon’s soul. This data moves through the Digital World and becomes a new Digimon somewhere else. It’s sort of like reincarnation, but there is still a lot we don’t know about Digimon ecology.

It’s still night down here under the sea of networks. It is always night down here. The night sky is the interconnection of networks. The transfer of data manifests itself like the stars in the sky. Somewhere out there, the light from the real world seeps into these depths. From down here, the sky is always beautiful.

And down here? Down here is a mountain of garbage. Around it, a land stuck in time, putrid and rotting. A sea of sludge breaks against a rotting coast of rust-colored sand. Putrid bubbles pop at the surface, releasing vile odors into the air.

How did it get so bad down here? One theory suggests that the cumulation of data from the real world and the digital world blend into this toxic landscape.

When colonizers invaded the new world, they brought with them sickness and death. Indigenous empires crumbled under the weight of foreign pathogens. Perhaps the same is happening here. Whatever the reason, contact between mankind and the Digital World has changed the landscape and those living in it. Whether this change is good or bad remains to be seen.

Within this rotten canvas hide the ill intent of man and the police who exist to mitigate it.

A schematic of the area appears on the virtual monitor. Below it, the words “The Last Coast” blink in a simple font. Whoever named it had an odd sense of humor. In recent years, it’s become a hotspot for poachers. Digitama sometimes wash up on these bloody shores. Digitama can be sold for a decent amount of digicoin on GriMM, so the poachers take advantage.

The police radio crackles “We have a suspicious Digimon in sight!”

A red dot appears on the virtual map. It’s an unidentified Digimon.

“Tamahime here. Continue the search with caution”

“Understood. Looks like…an Espimon, child, cyborg, virus type”

Tamahime watches the screen as the video from the search team starts to come in. “Got it, so it’s like a Tin toy?”

The Digimon was hard to describe. It looks like a retro robot toy from a different generation. It has a large domed head like a snowman with long metal robotic arms. It propels through the air on the rockets it has for legs.

“Four bodies total” the voice reports

“We’ve got code crackers. These bots are toast.” Bot is police slang for Digimon controlled by a tool. Code crackers loved using Digimon, and Cyborg-type Digimon are the easiest to control. These Digimon were sent here with the commands to search the area for Digitama. If this were a real server, the Digimon would be looking for secrets or personal information. Here, the code crackers are looking for scraps.

“How many Digitama did you get?” One of the Espimon asks.
‘Only one so far” the other responds.

The culprits don’t know their chat room has been hacked. The police listen in on the conversation. The voices are young. They must be kids in high school. To them, it’s probably just a game. A way to practice. The first step to becoming real code crackers.

“What are you going to do deputy leader?”

Satsuki Tamahime analyzes the virtual map as the team waits for her orders. Police can’t pick and choose which criminals to go after. “Arrest them”

Ten green dots move quickly surrounding the unsuspecting Espimon.

“Jam their coms” Tamahime continues “Commandramon squads move in. Cut off their escape”

Many voices reply in unison, “Understood!”

The Espimon continue their search. Their code crackers wouldn’t be aware of the ambush either. They most likely don’t even know where their Digimon are. The only thing the code crackers see are crude pixel images on simple LCD screens. But the police have more advanced tech than the rudimentary Digimon Docks the code crackers use. Satsuki can see everything through the eyes of her Digimon.

“How dare you?! How dare you code crackers come here?” Her warning rings before the communications are jammed. The Commandramon stand up, and the Espimons find themselves surrounded.

Commandramon (child, cyborg, virus type) are standard issue for the DigiPolice. They look like dragon men. They wear helmets and body armor with the word “Police” written on them. Each Commandramon carries an assault rifle. Commandramon’s skin emits an electronic camouflage that lets them blend into their surroundings. This allows them to approach undetected. All that was left to do was to make the arrests.

“Who is that?” asks one of the panicked code crackers.
“It’s the DigiPolice. Run!”

It is too late. Satsuki continues, “Stop resisting. There is no escape. We already have your schools and names. There is no escape”

The problem is that these code crackers are kids. They might be taken into custody, but they wouldn’t be charged. Someone probably told them there is money in code cracking. This kind of thing happens all the time.

“Arrested? On what charge? We’ve done nothing wrong” one of the voices responds.

“You are in violation of the Unauthorized Computer Access Prevention Act, the Basic Network Act, and the Digital Vandalizm Prevention Act, and for the Poaching of Digitama!” Sastuki says bluntly.

“The Japanese police don’t have jurisdiction in the Digital World”

Satsuki sighs. Her Digimon, who had been hiding underwater, surfaces.

Squeeeeeeee!!! The sirens blare. The red patrol lights start to rotate. The Epsimon tremble at the sight.

Satsuki continues “you are all Japanese citizens and as long as you are committing crimes, you are going to be in trouble with the Japanese police”

The Espimon press a red button on their belly and vanish in an instant. Vanishing magic? No. It’s their AI defense protocol. Optical camouflage.

The Commandramon fire at the space where the Espimon were, but they have since moved. They slip past the police unnoticed.

‘Mekanorimon” As soon as Satsuki gives the order, two more Digmon appear behind her.

Mekanorimon, Champion, Machine, Virus

Mekanorimon look like large robots with shining silver metallic skin. They stand larger than the fleeing Espimon and the Commandrom it served with. These are the DigiPolice’s special purpose vehicles. Each Makanorimon has a Commandramon piloting it.

The Mekanorimon scan the field. A twinkling beam erupts from one of the Meknorimon, grazing one of the Espimon. It erupts into a flurry of sparks. Its camouflage dissolves, and the Espimon falls onto the beach. The remaining three Espimon continue to flee, unaware that they are now visible.

“Don’t let them get away. Fire!”

“The weapons are still charging. We won’t be able to catch all of them” the Mekanorimon unit responds.

Petite Impulse

Suddenly, a bolt of lighting crashes into the rusty coast between. The bolt of lightning catches the police off guard.

“The Espimon!” a confused voice reacts from the radio.

One of the Espimon is left blackened, melting under the heat of lightning. Bolts of lightning come down for the remaining two.

“What’s going on?” A new marker appears on the screen. It sits there, motionless.

A yellow Digimon stands over the deactivated Espimon. “Is that..Pulsemon?”

The Commandramon squad points their guns.

A voice comes in over the police coms “Looks like you just got beat by”

It’s a voice Sastuki is all too familiar with.


“The hacker Judge!”

Pulsemon glances at Satsuki’s Digimon and blows her a kiss before turning into a bolt of lightning and disappearing into the sea of networks.

“God Dammit!” Satsuki bangs her fists on the table.

“Squad leader?” The Commandramon wait for orders. Satsuki shakes in anger for a brief moment before regaining her composure.

“We’ve got the Espimon and Digitama. We’ll leave the rest to the police.”

“And the Pulsemon?”

“Leave it. You can’t catch him anyways. Pack it up. There’s no overtime.”

“Yes Ma’am….Huh?” The radio goes silent for a moment. “The Digitama. They’re gone!”

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

Makanorimon taken from wiki


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