The Guardian Games are returning to Destiny 2, and now might be a great time to come back if you’ve been away. The event will pit guardians against each other as they compete to earn bragging rights and some pretty cool cosmetics. You won’t need the latest expansion to participate, so if you’ve been away for a while or are new to the title, it is completely free to play. Who knows, you might like the game enough to stay.  

The Guardian Games begin on May 2nd and will run until the end of the Season of Defiance on May 23rd. To get started, speak with Eva Levante to unlock the Guardian Games quest and get your class item.  

Participants will earn medals across the game or through PvP which they can exchange for exclusive cosmetics. More specifically: 

Activities that award you low-tier (Bronze or Silver) Medallions include Gambit and Quickplay Crucible matches, anything from the Vanguard playlists, as well as most Neptune activities and Defiant Battlegrounds. For high-tier (Gold and Platinum) Medallions, play Nightfalls, raids, dungeons, Competitive Crucible, Trials of Osiris, or Legend Defiant Battlegrounds. 

Use these medallions to unlock these year’s Guardian Games weapons: 

The Traxippos  – The first Legendary Strand Scout Rifle in the game

The Title – The Void Submachine Gun is back with updates, including the fan-favorite perk, Repulsor Brace

Players will also have access to the Guardian Games event card for additional cosmetics. There is a paid tier available for 1000 silver that might be worth it if you want the additional cosmetics.  

This event also marks the return of the Guardian Games Cup. Anyone can join so make sure you grab your fire team and help raise money for some great causes. This year, Bungie is teaming up with International Rescue and Direct Relief. Participants of the cup will be fighting for the chance to win: 

  • Top team in the Technical category: custom art of your fireteam by PherianArt 
  • Top team in the Charitable category: custom art of your fireteam by Gammatrap 
  • Top two teams in the Technical and Charitable categories: Guardian Games Pendant ($200 MSRP) 
  • Top three teams in the Technical and Charitable categories: Apricot Dawn emblem 
  • Top four teams in the Technical and Charitable categories: Bungie Store discount codes 

The technical category is for the number of medallions earned throughout the event. The charitable category is for the amount of money raised. Make sure you go to the official website to register and start earning.  

Participants who donate more than $25 will earn an exclusive Quantum Relay emblem.  

I am terrible at PvP, but it might be a great time to dust off my old guardian to start earning some cosmetics.  

*images taken from the press kit