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I was sent Everspace 2 as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let it sway my opinions.

Everspace 2 is a space-themed looter shooter available now for the Xbox and PC. You play as a clone pilot looking for his place in the universe. Explore the universe as you take on odd jobs, evade capture, and fight for survival. If you are looking for a sci-fi game with a large open world and lots of content, get Everspace 2. 

The biggest draw for Everspace 2 is its streamlined flight mechanics. While there is enough skill and challenge involved to keep flight and combat engaging, there isn’t the high skill ceiling you would get from a flight simulator like Elite Dangerous. Everspace 2 gives you the feeling of being an ace pilot without much of the commitment. The combat in this game is incredibly satisfying. While there may be a grind, it won’t feel like it. 

I love the RPG flavor this game has. You have an expansive skill tree, loot drops, a leveling system, and an open world full of quests. If you like RPGs, you will enjoy the refreshing take this game brings to the genre.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new ships and weapons. I was pleased by how unique each ship and weapon loadout made combat. I never felt like this game grew stale because there was always something new to try. I enjoyed the bulky ships the best, but I recommend you try every flavor till you find something that fits your playstyle best. There is some RNG when it comes to the loot, but I felt it was very fair. 

This game has so much to do that I found myself constantly sidetracked. The story is interesting, and the cut scenes are very well done. I am a huge fan of how the cut scenes are drawn, and I love that they play like comic book pages. This game has some fantastic voice acting, so sitting through the story became a real treat. I haven’t played the first game, but I didn’t feel it was necessary. The story is pretty self-contained, and I never felt lost by what was going on..

If you are looking for a unique RPG, you need to give Everspace 2 a try. This game looks great, performs well, and is a lot of fun. I’d say it is worth buying at full price. You can pick up Everspace 2 for $49.99 on Xbox and Steam. You can play it free if you have game pass. Everspace 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 5 this summer.

Images taken from the press kit, video taken from game.