While we wait for Sunday’s chapter, I’ve decided to revise the Seekers story to fix some of the story’s awkwardness. I will keep the story the same but will try to make it sound nicer. This isn’t my story, so please make sure you check out the original chapter. Let me know if this is something worth continuing. Make sure you start at chapter 1-1

The code cracking team is a community of anonymous individuals whose goals are to create a free Digital World. A world not bound by social constructs. Within the group exist multiple factions, each with its own ideologies of what freedom in the Digital World means. Sometimes these ideologies clash, resulting in a healthy amount of infighting.

Cracking teams are on the wrong side of the law, authority, and government. They are outcasts and misfits by practice and definition. Nevertheless, code crackers more or less live by the fundamental philosophy of the code cracking team.

The short video plays on one of the monitors. “-Freedom of the network, freedom of the Digital World. The Digital World has no borders or government. The laws of the physical world don’t apply here, especially when it comes to Digimon” the video trails off.

“I’m a bit hazy on the details,” Eiji begins his explanation, “I got into code cracking when I was a young kid in high school. One of the seniors talked me into it. Told me there was decent money in it” Eiji’s call to code cracking was a common one. “It was probably a good fit for him. He probably made enough money doing it part-time, but I want to do something more serious. I want to use my skills to make a real living.”

“You can do whatever you want” the professor replies, listening to Eiji intently. “But code cracking isn’t a stable profession. You’re always going to be on the wrong side of the law because the government doesn’t understand the Digital World yet.”

“Yeah. The DigiPolice make things…difficult” The DigiPolice is a secret organization only known to code crackers. They exist to stop all code crackers, regardless of their intentions may be.

“But you aren’t interested in the code cracker philosophy?” asks the professor

Eiji shakes his head “Shallow of me right? I just want a job and a good track record”


“And where will that lead you? What are your goals Eiji?”

Eiji thinks for a moment. “I…I want to win” he responds sincerely.

Ryusenji is taken aback by the response “Win? What are you trying to win?”

“It’s hard to explain. I can’t really do it in real life, but online….I’d like to be something so big that it changes reality. I want to make money, evolve Digimon, and become the best code cracker. I want to have a team of my own and be a boss”

“Do you have to be a code cracker to do that?”

“Yes! For me, the Digital World is the only place where I can make a difference” Eiji pauses for a moment as he looks over the professor “I want to be on your level professor. I want to be able to experience the Digital World with all five senses, not just through a monitor. That’s what I want to do.”

Eiji’s words make Ryusenji smile. “The Digital World can change a person”

Eiji thinks about his life. He pictures his small cramped apartment and thinks about his empty fridge. Eiji doesn’t have an education or a steady job. Eiji has nothing, and looking at the world’s wealthiest man, he wants more. At that moment, Eiji makes up his mind. He has no intention of being a lowly code cracker forever. He was going to learn everything he could from Professor Ryusenji and finish training Loogamon no matter what.

Ryusenji murmurs something unintelligible.


“Good. Good. I know I asked you to train Loogamon, but I was testing you too Eiji.”


The professor nods his head. “If you were some run-of-the-mill code cracker kid drunk on freedom and ideology…I wouldn’t have offered you the job”

The video stops on a familiar insignia. A gear wraps around a skull creating a radioactive halo. Under the symbol it reads “Sons of Chaos”

Illustration illustration: PLEX

Eiji lets out an involuntary sigh.

“Do you know them?” Ryusenji asks

“Of course I do. They’re a pretty infamous group of code crackers”

“What is your honest impression of them?”

Eiji takes a moment before responding “They’re on another level. They’re the best at what they do.” Eiji admired their skill, but the Sons of Chaos were right-wing extremists. They were almost militant in their organization. If you wanted to live a good and carefree life, you stayed away from them.

“They’re a group of code crackers known for using Digimon for crime. They’ve made a name for themselves through extortion, theft, and terrorism. At the top of the organization is the legendary code cracker Tartaros. Ever since the Cyclops incident, it’s been him against the world. They’re bad news.”

No one knows Tartaros’ real identity, but he’s extremely popular on GriMM. Over the years, Tartaros has built a following of crackers who have adopted his ideology and created havoc in its name. But there are also those who are against these extremists and seek regulation to keep them under control.

Ryusenji looks at Eiji “The Sons of Chaos are breaking the delicate balance between the Digital World and humanity. They are abusing Digimon and their ecosystem for personal gain and interfering with my research.” Ryusenji takes a moment to compose himself “It would be a shame if the Digital World and ours became isolated because of the misdeeds of a few punks. Wouldn’t you agree Eiji”

Ryusenji took a neutral stance against code crackers. It’s why he hired Eiji. However, the professor was deeply concerned by the rise in violent crimes and terrorism involving Digimon. The professor loved Digimon, and it hurt him to see them being misused this way.

“Can’t you just ask the government to help”

Rysenji shakes his head, “they don’t understand enough about Digimon yet. The Prime Minister only wants to use government resources to study them, and the police are too focused on stopping code crackers. There are a few laws in place, but those are insufficient…There isn’t enough being done!” Ryusenji has grown frustrated as he thinks about the current state of affairs.

“Is that why you hired me?”

“You can say no Eiji, I know I’m asking for a lot”

“No, it’s not that at all. I’m here to help, whatever it takes!” Eiji becomes excited by the anticipation. Eiji has been in search of meaning in his life. He knew he was meant for something more than simply collecting Digitama and training Digimon. He wants to do something real, and this is his chance.

“It’s not going to be easy” Ryusenji explains “I want you to infultrate the Sons of Chaos and find out what Tartaros is up to.” The professor puts his hand on Eiji’s shoulder “This isn’t just another job Eiji. This is for the sake of all Digimon. This is for the sake of the Digital World”