Destroy All Humans 2 Video Review I stream all the games I get review codes on my Twitch and Youtube channel. Check out my Twitch for an up to date schedule. Please consider supporting what I do by checking out my affiliate links. You might find some sweet deals: Get 81% off on Atlas VPN Start your free trial at... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Mad God (2022)

Image Source Mad God was the last movie I watched with my trial to the shudder streaming service and it has left me speechless. This innovative and creative journey through a confusing and nightmarish collection of narratives is an experience I suggest everyone have. It isn't for everyone as it is very artsy and strange,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Reef: Stalked (2022)

After Jaws, there have been many attempts at creating another good shark movie. There are certainly some that stand out, but The Reef: Stalked isn't one of them. This movie is about a group of diving buddies who go on vacation to a secluded island to mourn the loss of their friend. They plan on relaxing, diving, and... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Allegoria (2022)

The Harrowing of Hell By Jacob van Swanenburgh. I couldn't get the rights to the poster, but this painting was referenced in the movie. Source This movie took a lot of effort to get through because of how unbearably pretentious it is. I had to take multiple breaks just to be able to finish it.... Continue Reading →

Series Review: This Fool (2022)

As far as sketch comedy shows go, This Fool is just okay. I thought it was funny enough, but it isn't something you should be rushing to see. If you are looking for something to throw on in the background to watch passively, this is an option. This Fool is about an ex-con and the cousin who helps... Continue Reading →

I Got My Dad Into X-Wing

Source I want to talk about X-Wing for a moment, at least my experience with the miniatures tabletop game. I know there is a lot of controversy about the game because of the recent rule changes, but as a new player, I don't mind the new rules. I understand squad building a lot better with... Continue Reading →

TV Series Reviews: Panic (2021)

Source Panic is a show on Amazon that promises a deadly fear factor drama about teens in a small town in Texas. It fails to deliver anything entertaining; I urge you to ignore its existence. The show follows a very dull protagonist who joins a game that has been a tradition in this town for... Continue Reading →

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