I Got My Dad Into X-Wing

Source I want to talk about X-Wing for a moment, at least my experience with the miniatures tabletop game. I know there is a lot of controversy about the game because of the recent rule changes, but as a new player, I don't mind the new rules. I understand squad building a lot better with... Continue Reading →

TV Series Reviews: Panic (2021)

Source Panic is a show on Amazon that promises a deadly fear factor drama about teens in a small town in Texas. It fails to deliver anything entertaining; I urge you to ignore its existence. The show follows a very dull protagonist who joins a game that has been a tradition in this town for... Continue Reading →

Blood Fest (2018) Review

Source This was an incredibly frustrating movie. Not because it was bad, but because it was lazy. I didn't expect much from a company that primarily focuses on short videos for the internet and yet I still found myself being let down. I understand that I am not the target audience, but that won't stop... Continue Reading →


I will not be going a normal post this week, I am not quite happy with the story that I am working on yet so that will be postponed for next week. Stay tuned for that. Instead, I will use this time to announce a project that I am starting up. Moving forward, I will... Continue Reading →

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