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I talked about Outerplane in a previous post sharing my excitement for the new turn-based gotcha game coming to us from our friends at Smilegate. The game has some great art, fantastic voice acting, and some phenomenal animations. I won’t repeat too many of my initial thoughts, so make sure you go read my original post if you’d like to know more. 

Outerplane has officially had its global launch, available now in more than 170 countries for IOS and Android devices. New players are guaranteed 80 hero pulls. Those who complete the Start Dash and Guide quest events are guaranteed a three-star hero for each event. 

To commemorate the event, the Outerplane team has released special coupons to redeem for in-game gifts. Use the codes:


PLAYOUTERPLANE2 for 120 Stamina + 20 Cake Slice

I am excited for this game because I am always looking for a gotcha game to fill the void Dragalia Lost left behind. This game looks very promising. I will be testing it out and be back with my first impressions once I get a bit deeper into the game. Until then, it doesn’t hurt to go start your journey now. You can download Outerplane free on the Google Play store and App Store today!

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