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I enjoy looking into new RPG systems even though my play group only plays D&D. I like to see what else is out there because the burnout gets too real sometimes. Who knows? Maybe one day I can convince my playgroup to dip into something new for a campaign or two, and I’ll be ready with a backlog of options.

One of the systems I considered switching to was the Swedish RPG MÖRK BORG. MÖRK BORG is a ttrpg set in a post-apocalyptic world with a solid combat system and possibly the coolest rulebook you’ll ever own. If you haven’t seen the MÖRK BORG core rule book yet, look it up. It is beautiful. I almost bought into the system just so that I could flip through the pages and appreciate the art.

MÖRK BORG is getting a pirate-themed spin-off, and it looks just as good as the base game. PIRATE BORG introduces eight new playable classes, 80+ new monsters, an easy-to-learn naval combat system, and an adventure to get you started. This book has everything you’ll need to run a pirate campaign in a cool dark fantasy system worth exploring. I mean, who doesn’t want to play in a pirate campaign? Make sure you check out the official site if you’d like to try the game for free. The publishers have a rules reference sheet, character sheets, maps, and a character randomizer.

Preorders for PIRATE BORG are now live on the official site. The core book costs $36.84 plus shipping, which is a solid price for how good this book is going to look on your table. People who preorder also get immediate access to the book in PDF so you can start your Pirate adventure before the official release on September 19. Don’t forget to check out the rest of MÖRK BORG content while you’re at it!