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Are Digimon alive?

A question that has yet to be defined at least in legal terms. Most of the population is ignorant of its existence, so laws and legislation haven’t caught up to deal with its existence.

But how can the Digital World be regulated? Can we punish the people who own Digimon? Who has authority over a world that exists outside of all physical borders?

Many countries have begun answering these questions, but the responses differ between nations. Japan’s answer? The DigiPolice. A special unit created to combat growing cyber crimes. Although the Digipolice is a part of the Metropolitan Police Department, they must work in secret. The world just isn’t ready for the digital world.

The captain of the DigiPolice was a tall woman with short brown hair. She was always neatly dressed, and always scowling. She’d earned her reputation of Demon for her fierceness. Everyone in her department feared and respected her. They would die for her if she asked.

Yulin sits at her desk. The office is plain, except for a desk and a few filing cabinets against the wall. On her desk, only a few neat stacks of folders sit across it. She is busy reading Satsuki’s report. Satsuki sits across from her, visibly flustered.

“Loogamon huh?” Shuu Yulin’s voice trails off as she continues to read the report. She looks up at Satsuki “So it took out a couple of squads of Commandron on its own, digivolved, and beat your Numemon? Looks like we’ve got a dangerous code cracker on our hands..” Again, Shuu Yulin’s voice trails off as she continues to analyze the report.

“Those bastards really hurt my Numemon!” Satsuki stamps, “Next time I see them, they’re going to pay for what they did!”

“I’m impressed Satsuki. A level A code-cracker and you even managed to get his real name.” Shuu Yulin scans the report “Eiji Nagasumi…I don’t see him on the list of Sons of Chaos executives…”

“Well, he just gave it to me. He just gave me his name without me asking.”

Shuu Yulin closes the folder and places it neatly on the table in front of her. “What do you mean?”

Satsuki shrugs, “he just gave me his full name. You’d think a high-level code cracker like him would use an alias, but he gave me his actual name.”

“What a peculiar kid. I can’t tell if he is smart, or really stupid.”

“My guess? He’s just a very skilled moron. At least that’s my impression anyways.” Satsuki becomes embarrassed by her analysis. That moron sent her Numemon to the infirmary after all.

Shuu Yulin’s expression grows stern. “Morons are one thing…But you exceeded the K-line again. How many times has that been this year now?”

Satsuki’s face grows red as she looks down at her boots in an attempt to hide her shame. “…Sorry,” she answers, dejected.

“Mindlinking has a safety limit for a reason Sastuki. If you push yourself too hard, you can get stuck in the Digital world. You need to be careful.” Shuu Yulin’s voice is stern, with a hint of disappointment mixed with concern. “I don’t want to lose any men. You hear me? Not a single one”

Satsuki seems to struggle to find the right words. “I’m sorry” she finally manages in a shaky voice. “I’ll be more careful, I promise…”

Yulin doesn’t seem to react. Instead, she opens Eiji’s file. She thumbs through his family history and lands on a blurry image of Eiji. “Isn’t this the DDL?” It was a picture taken from surveillance footage they acquired from the University of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Sastuki shrugs, “Maybe he goes to school there?”

“Maybe, but it looks like he’s only registered as a freelancer at the moment. Zoom in here” Yulin instructs as she points to Eiji’s left wrist. The video pauses, and the camera focuses on his arm. The image becomes pixelated for a moment before AI starts reconstructing the image.

“That’s a Digimon Linker, and it looks like a newer model. Looks like the ones made by Abadin Electronics.” Yulin’s Digimon, Ryudamon, suddenly appears in the space next to her. Ryudamon is a small yellow dragon wearing samurai armor.

Yulin continues to analyze the image. “They do look similar don’t they. So this Loogamon and the latest Digimon Linker huh?…” She studies the file carefully, taking note of how Loogamon and Ryudamon have the same ruby crystal on their head.

Ryudamon, rookie, beast, vaccine type

In a tower apartment building overlooking the Denrin District, Leon steps out of the shower into the bedroom apartment he rents as an international student. He dries his hair as he walks to the fridge. There are on lights on in the room. Instead, the small apartment is lit by the warm yellow glow Pulsemon gives off. Leon opens an empty Fridge and pulls out a bottle of water.

“The Sons of Chaos are up to something,” Pulsemon says, looking up to his partner.

“Because of the code cracker?” Leon drinks from the bottle as he walks past a trash bin full of takeout containers.

“This isn’t just an ordinary code cracker. I hear he go into a scuffle with the police in the Wall Slums”

Leon stops drinking for a moment. “There’s nothing alarming about conflict between a code cracker and a police.”

“No but this code cracker is a mind linker. You should see the rumors about him going around the Sons of Chaos channel”