In preparation for the upcoming for the upcoming Pokemon set, Obsidian Flames, I thought it would be a cool idea to show off some of the full art cards that have been revealed. There are some cool cards in this set, not as cool as Paldea Evolved yet, but I can see the potential. Obsidian Flames comes out on August 11th so make sure you preorder from your LGS or TCG Player if you don’t have one. If you’ve been enjoying these updates, make sure you comment, like, subscribe, and share this with your friends.


Charizard Ex

I’ll start off with what is probably the card that is going to move this set. I mean who doesn’t love another Charizard and the alt arts are just beautiful. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but the gold is going to looks so nice in a binder!


The art card for Cleffa is so cute! This would probably my reason to buy into this set, but just see for your self.


I think I prefer the regular print of the Pidgeotto better, but maybe this is one of those cards you have to appreciate in person.


This is just too cute! It also a pretty accurate mood.


I wish it was a but more colorful, but I like the spray paint style for this Ryme card. But the effect is not bad. You get a draw and you get to switch your Opponents Pokemon?