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Revita is an interesting-looking twin-shooter roguelike that I just came across. It has a cool art style, a fantastic soundtrack, and fun-looking gameplay. If you are looking for a game with a solid retro arcade feel, you might want to consider looking into Revita.  

Play as a nameless child who has lost all their memories. Fight your way through procedurally generated floors and mobs of monsters to piece together the mystery of what has been lost. What secrets lie within the walls of this ominous tower? You will have to play to find out. 

The art in this game looks so good. I love pixel art and adore this renaissance of pixel art games we are going through. I hope Revita can be included in that because it’s such a pretty game. The soundtrack is what mostly sells it for me because it is phenomenal. I am listening to it now, and I recommend you do the same so that you can also get hyped for this game. I am pretty sure the score alone has convinced me to pick this game up for myself. 


Aesthetics aside, the game looks fun to play. It promises nearly unlimited builds, unique runs, and lots of customization so that you can play the game how you want. You will have access to settings that make the game as casual or hard-core as you want, such as adjustable aim assist, speed, and enemy visibility. The platforming is where I might have an issue with this game because I am not good at it, but it looks fun enough that I am willing to set prejudices aside. The combat looks easy enough to learn, but hard enough to keep the game engaging. It is hard to know how good the game will be from the trailer alone, but I will be picking it up for the Switch and getting that review out as soon as I can. Stay tuned for that.  

You can pick up Revita now for the Switch, PlayStation, and PC for $16.99. Nintendo has it on sale for $13.59 until July 26. Pre-orders for the deluxe edition of the game are also available if you want the poster, an acrylic standee, and some extra swag for €34.99. The deluxe edition is expected to release later this year, but no date has been announced yet.