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Loogamon tears through the Digital World at the speed of light. The data surrounding him blurs, forming a tunnel of bright light. Marvin and his partner Airdramon race ahead of him. The eight members participating in the raid were split into teams of two. Each team would attack Nation X’s server from a different angle.

“What do you think Tartartus will do with the Machinedramon?” Eiji asks.

“What do you mean?” Marvin replies. There was a hint of suspicion in his tone.

“The orders were to capture the Machinedramon, not destroy it. I just thought…”

“You seem a little too invested in our leader. What’s your deal anyways?”

Eiji tries to find the right words to extinguish any suspicion.

“Well?” Marvin asks. Airdramon begins to slow his pace.

“I’m just a little nervous. I ask a lot of questions when I’m nervous. This is the biggest job I’ve ever pulled, and I don’t want to mess it up.” Eiji tries to sound shaken to sell his point.

Marvin lets out an empathetic sigh. “No one knows why Tartarus does what he does, but I’m sure he’s got a good reason for going after this Machinedramon.”

“He must be after something.” Eiji continues to prie.

“Tartarus is taking on the Digital world and looking for…something.”

“Anything in particular?”

“Who knows? It’s not money or fame, I can tell you that much.”

“Spinning Needle!”

Airdramon flaps its wings, sending a sharp wave of force through a horde of Nation X’s defense. The attack cuts through the mass of guards without meeting much resistance.

Loogamon takes a deep breath. Flames begin to lick from the corners of his mouth. “Howling Fire!”

Fire pours from Loogamons mouth towards the mob of advancing guards. The flame repels their advance.


“Nice one!” Marvin shoots a compliment. “Stay in Rookie form. We need you to budget your mindlink in case we need to get out in a hurry. Use the timer I made for.” Marvin says as Airdramon takes out another group of guards.

Eiji turns his attention to the timer. It continues to tick down slowly. “I’ll be good. Don’t worry” Loogamon runs after Airdramon, taking down any security Digimon it comes across without much resistance.

Nation X’s servers were designed like an old-school dungeon crawler. It was a series of filthy stone tunnels that formed a seemingly endless maze, but Airdramon and Loogamon move confidently through its corridors. Loogamon stops on occasion to sniff for clues, Airdramon quickly snakes after him until they exit a tunnel and find themselves in a small corridor with a large ceiling.

“That’s huge!” Eiji reacts as they come to the base of a large door. It was about five stories tall and made of old sturdy iron.

“Decoding it is going to be a pain,” Marvin says as he begins running calculations.

“Nah” Loogamon says as he approaches the door.

“What are you doing?” Eiji asks frantically.

“Set your tool to decode,” Loogamon commands without slowing his stride.


The jewel on Loogamon’s head begins to glow.

“Are you serious?” Marvin yelps as he watches the decryption progress fill instantly. The massive door unlocks. The sounds of rotating gears fill the corridor as doors slide open.

“I guess I’m good at opening doors,” Loogamon says smugly.

“We should rob some bank next,” Marvin jokes.

The massive doors open, revealing a deep darkness. A low mechanical roar rises from somewhere in the shadows.

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

Loogamon and Aidramon make their way toward the roars. They find themselves running toward a massive metallic dinosaur. Its body is made for a mismatched collection of cyborg Digimon parts with massive cannons strapped to its shoulders.

“This is too much!” Eiji shouts as they continue their approach. He is clearly shaken by the scale of the Mega.

“Calm down Eiji,” Loogamon responds, “you’re making us look bad. It’s all tied up.” Eiji notices the restraints holding the Digimon in place. It lets out another series of emotionless roars.

Loogamon looks toward Machinedramon with an unusual amount of sympathy. “What a sorry sight. It can’t hunt or live its life. I wouldn’t wish this fate on my worst enemy.”

“Eradication attack!” Marvin shouts, not wasting a second.

Megadramon lifts its arms towards the Machinedramon. The large metal claws open, letting out a barrage of missiles. The missiles break through the Machinedramon’s restraints. The room fills with smoke from the explosions.

“Careful! Don’t kill it!” Eiji yells. The Machindramon doesn’t move. It couldn’t without human direction.

“Relax, I’m only targeting the restraints,” Marvins says dismissively. “We gotta bust it out of its chains so we can use our capture tool on it.” Megadromon moves into position as Marvin finishes his explanation.

“Ultimate Slicer”

Megadramon crosses its arms releasing a slashing energy of the same shape. It flies through the air cutting away the last bit of data holding the Digimon in place.

Eiji and Loogamon suddenly find themselves surrounded by the hissing and popping of firework-like sparks.

“What the heck?” Eiji yells as he tries to make sense of the flashes. Loogamon’s vision becomes obscured by the sudden spectacle. Loogamon sniffs at the air trying to make up for his lost senses while Eiji looks through his monitors desperately. The words “Mega, Diety, Vaccine” appear on one of the screens. “Are you seeing this?” Eiji says as he tries to find the Digimon belonging to the description.

A bolt of lightning dances along the walls, finally leaping through the air of the hanger.