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Marvin’s Megadramon now lay motionless on the ground. Smoke rises from the freshly made wound. Bits of its metal armor have broken or melted away, leaving badly burnt tissue beneath it. Eiji and Loogamon freeze from the shock of seeing Megadramon felled so easily.

“…Um, Marvin?” Eiji calls in an attempt to shake off the initial shock. There is no answer. Eiji and Loogamon stand alone in the hangar, desperately searching for the source of the attack. The Machinedramon pulls at its weakened restraints.

“You there noob?” One of the SOC’s leaders calls over voice chat. “We’re heading back to the meeting point. What’s your status?”

“It’s bad. We don’t have Machinedramon and something took out Marvin. We need help.” Eiji doesn’t hide the fear in his voice. He knows they aren’t strong enough for whatever stalks them in the shadows.

“Machinedramon hasn’t been caught yet?” another voice replies.

“Hang tight, we’ll be right there.” Moments later two cloaked figures appear and rush towards Megadramon.

“What happened to Marvin?” asks one of the figures.

“I don’t know. Something attacked and I haven’t been able to reach him since.” Eiji’s voice shakes with panic. He continues his fruitless search. “I think they’re still out there.”

“I thought we got all the defense forces.”

“Maybe its the DigiPolice?” Eiji asks. He isn’t ready for another encounter.

“No, they wouldn’t risk an international incident. Whoever it is, they have a Mega. Stay alert.”

“What the…”

A bolt of lightning comes crashing down in the distance and lands with an explosion. The force of the blast knocks the group off their feet and sends them crashing into walls. A purple haze forms around the crash sight. Static sparks randomly around the cloud. A glowing figure steps out of the haze holding twin swords crackling with lightning.

“This is bad Eiji,” calls Loogamon. Eiji can feel the fear in Loogamon’s tone and the raw power emanating from Kazuchimon. They didn’t stand a chance against the mega.

“Dammit!” One of the cloaked figures curses, “Why is he here?”

“He? You know this guy?” Eiji asks.

“There’s only one person who can control that thing.” Replies the other cloaked figure.

“The Hacker Judge” both respond together, their voices choking with fear.

“Judge?!” Eiji asks. The handle seems familiar.

Kazuchimon slices his swords in the air, releasing slices of electrical energy through the air. They land, creating terrifying explosions that shake the hangar. A loud metallic roar follows. Eiji’s heart stops. He turns to find a newly freed Machinedramon shaking off the stiffness of its incarceration.


“What a pity,” Kazuchimon finally says. “You have no control over your actions but have committed multiple crimes. Final verdict? Guilty!”

Glowing orbs of electricity start to form around Kazuchimon as it charges an attack. When the orbs grow about a meter wide, they release blinding beams at the raging Machinedramon in rapid succession. Eiji and Loogamon stand far from the attack but can feel its oppressive heat. The Machinedramon lets out a blood-curdling screech as the beams tear through its body. Seconds go by before the attack stops. The Machinedramons lifeless body stands smoldering, full of holes, and its armor torn to shreds. The massive corpse falls apart, each piece creating small quakes throughout the hanger.

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

Kazuchimon sheaths his swords and claps his hands together and prays. “May you find peace in your next life.”

Kazuchimon turns to the code crackers. They remain frozen with fear. “Thanks for the assist,” it says in a superior tone.

“You swooped our kill!” Eiji snaps. Eiji doesn’t appreciate Kazuchimon’s mocking tone or its self-righteous smirk.

“We have to get out of here! The missions done.” Loogamon’s warning comes abruptly, tearing Eiji away from his misguided trance.

It takes Eiji moments to remember the danger. “Yeah.” Loogamon takes a step before Eiji remembers the unconscious Megadramon lying nearby. “Wait! We have to help Marvin.”

“Leave him, we don’t have time,” Loogamon snarls as it takes another step away from the danger.

“I don’t care. Marvin’s a good guy, we have to try.” Eiji switches voice channels and calls the remaining SOC members. “We’ll distract Judge, you get Marvin and get out of here!”

“You can’t…” but Eiji doesn’t hear the rest. He switches channels. “Let’s go Loogamon!”

Loogamon and Eiji turn to Kazuchimon as the cloaked figures make their way to Magadramon

Kazuchimon crackles with electricity. It lets out a taunting smile. “I guess you guys aren’t as strong as everyone says.” Its body glows into a bright silhouette of light. The static in the room drops as the figure shrinks and leaves behind a new Digimon.

​Boutmon, Ultimate, Beast Man, Vaccine

“I’m not letting you get away that easy,” Boutmon shouts at the cloaked figures.

“Couldn’t keep your mega?” Eiji responds, slightly surprised by the sudden de-digivolution.

“I don’t need it. Without the Megadramon or Machinedramon, there really is no need for a mega. At least not against the likes of you.” Boutmon rushes towards the Sons of Chaos busy trying to move the Megadramon.

Judge’s dismissive tone angers Eiji. He doesn’t like being talked down to. The rage begins to bubble over.

“Calm down Eiji. He’s on a timer just like us.”

“But Loogamon…”

“He’s underestimating us. Let’s show him how it’s done!”

Eiji takes a calming breath. “You’re right.” A smile starts to creep across his face. “Let’s go! Digivolve!”

A surge of power flows through the pair as a familiar light engulfs them. Loogarmon lands in a heavy thud as the ground cracks under the sudden change in weight. Flames lick from between the wolf’s metallic muzzle as it lets out a menacing growl.

“Flame Blow!”

Loogarmon becomes engulfed in a ball of flames and flies toward the charging Boutmon. Boutmon manages to block the blow, but the impact sends it flying. Boutman stands its attention now towards the massive wolf. Its knees shake as the flames of the attack burn at the wounds.

“You…” Boutmon studies his new opponent.

Loogarmon stands ready. Flames spill from its maw. Its claws dig into the earth as its impressive plumage fan the embers that rain around its body. Eiji sees the members of the SOC make off with the Megadramon. An involuntary sense of relief washes over him.

“Howling Burner!”

Loogarmon roars, unleashing a torrent of fire. Boutmon raises its arms to block the attack, but the flames stick to them.

Judge grits his teeth as the searing pain bites at him and Boutmon. “This is annoying!”

Eiji and Loogarmon continue to kite Boutmon, keeping a healthy distance between them.

“You can’t keep this up forever,” Eiji taunts. “That’s why you de-digivolved isn’t it? You used up all your energy as the Mega.”

“Eiji, its time to go!” Marvin’s voice calls to him.

“Marvin is alive,” Eiji thinks with a sigh of relief.

“Eiji…?” Judge says softly. The name feels familiar, but he can’t remember why.

“You’ll pay for this Leon!” Marvin shouts at the unmoving Boutmon.

“Leon…?” Eiji tries to remember why the name sounds so familiar.

Boutmon growls in frustration as its body glows and it shrinks down to its rookie form.

Pulsemon, Rookie, Beast Man, Vaccine

Eiji recognizes Pulsemon before the computer pulls the data. He has seen it before…

It takes a moment for the memories to return. Eiji remembers his elementary school days when his friend showed him the same Digimon.

“Pulsemon…” Eiji mutters as he begins to piece it all together. “Leo? Is that you?” Eiji’s hologram suddenly appears next to the Loogarmon. Pulsemon’s expression softens a bit. Leo appears.

Eiji studies Leo and remembers the blond-haired and blue-eyed boy he was friends with all those years ago. He had grown a lot since, but he was undeniably the same kid. The same look of recognition washes over Leon’s face.

An alarm begins to screech. Nation X’s reinforcements begin to close in on the intruders. Eiji and Leo don’t move.

“Leo, its you!” Eiji repeats in disbelief.

“How could you become a code cracker?!” Leon asks, his voice filled with a mix of disappointment and resentment. Bullets begin to rain around them as Nation X’s forces close in.

Leo disappears back into Pulsemon. Pulsemon lingers for a moment before turning into lightning and vanishing into the digital sea. Eiji stands alone in the hangar, security inching closer by the moment.

“So you’re a hacker now…”