I know I am a little late on this update, but I just got back from vacation. The trip was great but now its time to get back on schedule. The Versus Royal Knights set has released and we got a few more reveals that have gotten me excited for the set. Always check with your LGS if they carry Digimon, but you can find the new set on TCG Player if they don’t. If you’ve been enjoying these updates, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share this with your friends.


Versus Royal Knights Box Toppers

The box toppers aren’t the most exciting I’ve seen, but I could always use some full art tamer cards. This set will feature trainers Digimon Savers.

Versus Royal Knights Alt Art Cards

This set has some very cool alt cards that I need in my binder. The gold cards in this set are sick!

The rest of the full art cards have gotten me very excited for this set. The art is so good!

More Versus Royal Knights Reveals

I wasn’t excited about the initial reveals, but they really did leave the best for last.

Beezlemon Premium Binder Set Preorder

Preorders for the Beezlemon binder set are still open. This is a cool product to buy into if you like Beezlemon and want some of the alt art cards to spice up your deck. The bundle comes with two copies of four new unique alt cards and a binder for your cards. The alt cards look sick and Premium Bandia merch always looks great quality out of the box.