It wasn’t a super eventful week. The Versus Royal Knight Set just came out so I am not surprised. We did get this months store championship promos revealed, and they look pretty cool. I am very tempted to build a deck and try to make it to locals. Don’t forget to follow, like, comment, and share this with your friends!

Versus Royal Knights Gold Cards

I know I Have already showed these off, but look how cool they look all together.


These are going to look beautiful in a binder. I am never lucky enough to pull these, but I hope you are. Check your LGS to see if they carry Digimon, or pick some up at TCG Player if you don’t have one.

August Store Championship Promo Cards

This month’s promos are looking pretty cool. I hope this brings more people to locals and into the hobby. I want this game to be popular enough so that I can play online like I do with Pokemon.

Premium Bandai Preorder: Dioboromon Playmat Set

Preorders for the Dioboromon set are up on Premium Bandai until August 27. Make sure you put your orders in if you play Diaboromon, or just enjoy the artwork. These cards look sick! You get a play mat, a play set of the 2 new alt cards, and 5 tokens for $50. That’s a pretty good deal for what you’re getting.