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Signups for the Hellbreach: Vegas closed beta is now live. Head over to the official Steam page, and don’t forget to wishlist while you’re at it.  

Fight off terrifying demons in this wave-based first-person shooter. The game is giving me Left 4 Dead 

vibes, and I am here for it. The combat looks a little stiff, but it is too early to know for sure. I do like the atmosphere they are trying to go for, but I understand it still needs some work. I’ve already signed up for the beta, and crossing my fingers that I get in. 

The beta will be to test out the online multiplayer, but there will be a single-player demo made available during Gencon 2023 for those who can’t wait to play this game. The beta will be rough, but it will be a great opportunity to help make the game launch its best version. A date hasn’t been announced, but it doesn’t hurt to sign up when it’s free. 

Hellbreach: Vagas will release sometime in Q4 2024 on PC. Till then, sign up for the beta!