Terra Memoria is a cozy turn-based RPG coming to Steam, Xbox, PS5, and Switch. This cute RPG mixes a beautifully drawn 3D world with cute 2D pixel art characters and I am here for it. It definitely gives me some Octopath Traveller vibes, but Terra Memoria seems a bit more whimsical.  Terra Memoria puts its emphasis on exploration and adventure as a group of friends travel across Terra in search of a solution for the crystal shortage. What makes this game unique is its building mechanic. Players can use this mechanic to create objects, solve puzzles, and create their own village. If is anything like Animal Crossing 

or Stardew Valley, I’m never getting anything done. 

If you are looking for a new RPG that might be a bit more on the casual side, you should give this a look. No release date has been set yet, but you can at least wishlist it on Steam.

I’m working on getting a review code for this, so stay tuned for the full review when it’s out. Until then, It might be time to finally start up Octopath Traveller II

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