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Eiji and Leon walk towards the Café. An awkward eagerness dances with their silence as both boys try to find the words to fill the space. Their footsteps echo off the empty corridor. The news report fades in the background, but the words have become unintelligible.

“It’s been a while,” Eiji finally says, breaking the silence. Leon is much taller now and more mature.

“Since middle school,” Leon nods. They share a warm and awkward smile between them. “It’s good to see you, man,”

“Yeah. You got a lot taller, and buff!” Eiji flexes his arm.

Leon chuckles, “Yeah, I grew a bit.”

Leon and Eiji swipe their IDs to get into the Café. The restaurant has a few people scattered around, but most of the tables are empty. The smell of coffee and vanilla fills the air, and soft jazz plays in the background. A dim warm light washes over the dark wooden tabletops. The pair find seats in a secluded part of the café.

“I can’t believe you found my information so quickly,” Eiji says as he takes a sip from his iced drink. “So you’re a big-shot hacker now?”

Leon smirks. “It wasn’t too difficult. But I was surprised to see you moved.”

Eiji is silent for a moment. There is a moment of sadness in his expression, but he shakes it off almost as quickly as it appears. He clears his throat. “Yeah. I live on my own now. Been living alone for a while now.”

“Me too. Since I got back to Japan actually. I have a place in Denrin.” Leon takes a sip of his coffee. “So you work for Professor Ryusenji now? How’s that going?”

“Oh, it’s great! The professor is a little odd, but he’s good people. He got me this steady job, and I can eat meat regularly!”


“And you’re also a famous Code Cracker!” Loen laughs.

“Not yet, but we will be.” Eiji winks.

“Oh that’s right, you got a partner now too.” Leon pulls out a keychain with a small LCD screen on one side. The pixel sprite version of Pulsemon bounces in place. Leon dangles the keychain off his middle finger and holds it in front of Eiji. The keychain spins slowly from its chain. “You remember Pulsemon? He’s been with me since we were kids!”

Eiji bursts out laughing. “I always thought it was a fancy Tomagachi!”

Leon laughs as he scoops up the keychain and presses the hologram button. Pulsemon suddenly appears on the empty chair next to Leon. His body gives off a faint yellow glow to the furniture around him, and small sparks occasionally ark over its body. Pulsemon vibrates impatiently. His feet kick wildly over the edge of the seat.

“Oh right, we can do that here.” Eiji raises his wrist and begins scrolling through the settings of his digilinker. Loogamon’s hologram appears next to Eiji. The fur down his back stands angrily as he turns his attention to Pulsemon. He lets out a growl as his body tenses. Pulsemon smirks as he jumps up on his chair, readying himself.

“Enough!” Both Eiji and Leon say.

“Loogamon, chill. That’s my friend.”

“Pulsemon, behave!”

Loogamon sits reluctantly, eyeing the yellow Digimon suspiciously. Pulsemon sticks its tongue out the wolf mocks him silently.

“So the professor gave you a keychain dock?”

Leon nods. “He said I looked like someone who would be a good caretaker, and here we are.” He turns to Pulsemon and smiles.

“What’s that shiny rock on your head for? Does it come out?” Pulsemon asks mockingly as it reaches for the gem. Loogamon growls and snaps at Pulsemon’s hand. Pulsemon laughs, “Geez, someone’s touchy.”

“So you’re the Professor’s apprentice or something?” Eiji asks

“More of an assistant. The professor is a busy guy, and I get to schedule his appointments.”

“Ouch,” Eiji replies, feeling a bit fortunate. “But it’s kind of funny that we both met because of him.”

“Small world.” Leon stares at the watch around Eiji’s wrist. “So how is it you came to have the latest version of the Digilinker?”

“Isn’t it sweet?” Eiji says as he shows off the watch around his wrist. “I came to him for a job. He asked me to go catch him this rare Digimon… ModokiBatamon.

“He does like his Batamon…” Leon responds, sounding lost in thought.

Eiji nods. “He then told me about this job,” he says, motioning to Loogamon with his head. “He wanted me to raise a Digimon for him. Pretty cool huh?”

Leon shakes his head. “It should have been me,” Leon snaps suddenly. “He should have asked me. I’m his actual student…” There is a hint of jealousy and resentment in his tone.

Eiji is shocked by his friend’s sudden outburst. He doesn’t know how to respond.

“We would have won if we fought you know,” Pulsemon says to Loogamon.

“What did you say you little…”

“You can barely keep your champion form! I’ve made it all the way to mega,” Pulsemon smiles as he flexes for Loogamon.

Loogamon snarls as he stands up angrily. Its tail waves furiously behind it.

“Enough Loogamon! Pulsemon has a point.” Eiji realizes the limits of their abilities as he remembers images of Kazuchimon. Leon and Pulsemon’s power exists leagues above theirs, but Eiji and Logamon are determined to catch up.

“Don’t be annoying Pulsemon!” Leon regains regains his composure. He looks down at his drink as an awkward silence hugs them. “Sorry, it’s just… This is a serious deal Eiji. The Digital world isn’t a game. This is a huge responsibility. Is this something you really want?”

Eiji looks over at Loogamon. The two Digimon continue to bicker almost like siblings. “I am taking this seriously. I took this job because I want to help Digimon.” He turns back to Leon with a serious look on his face. “He may be a little grumpy, but Loogamon is my friend. I made him a promise, and I am going to work hard to make sure we become strong enough to protect the Digital World.

Leon looks over at his friend, analyzing his response. Leon relaxes in his seat and smiles. “Alright then” he extends his fist out in the familiar way they used to when they were kids, “It’s a promise!”