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High Score Girl is an adorable anime you should be watching if you have a Netflix subscription. It has a great protagonist and a cute romantic story, and it will make you feel a series of emotions you aren’t ready for. At the very least, this series should be on your watch list.

Hasuo is a hardcore gamer with a one-track mind. He obsesses over video games and spends all his time and money playing them. Ono is a quiet girl who comes into his life as the first challenger to beat him at a fighting game. From that moment, Hasuo makes it his goal to beat her. He spends the following years perfecting his technique to prove he is the better gamer. But what draws Hasuo to Ono isn’t a simple rivalry, it is something much deeper. Will Hasuo ever come to terms with his true feelings, or will they be lost in the chaotic sounds of the arcade?


What I like most about this series is Hasuo as the main character. He is a bit clueless, and that cluelessness can be frustrating at times, but it is a flaw that he works on actively to fix. By the end of the series, Hasuo isn’t the same clueless kid obsessed with gaming, and it is a delight to watch him grow to that point. I don’t want to overshare because I don’t want to ruin the experience, but it’s a very cute love story and I am ready to watch it again. 

The cast is full of fun and colorful characters with terrific voice actors who help Hasuo on his journey. I loved watching how his relationship with the people around him evolved the older he got. Watching the impact others make on Hosuo and vice versa makes this anime incredibly charming. 

I loved how video games are used to emphasize emotions and important moments in Hasuo’s journey. Hasuo understands the world through the lens of video games, and it is interesting how the story meshes the video game world with important character moments. As he grows, his relationship with video games changes, and it is interesting to see how that affects this view of the world. The tone of the series is a little over the top for a slice-of-life anime, but I believe it does a wonderful job of emulating the loud and colorful vibe of a classic arcade. 

One thing to note before watching is that High Score Girl makes a lot of references to classic-era gaming. You don’t need to know anything about gaming to understand the story, but you’ll appreciate the references if you do. The series will often stop to explain important references, so you shouldn’t feel lost. Aside from being a cute love story, High Score Girl is a proper love letter to an era of gaming that is slowly disappearing. 

High Score Girl¬†is a fantastic anime to throw on if you want something comforting and cute to watch. The animation may be a bit wonky, but it gives the series its charm. It has great characters, fantastic voice actors, and the cutest story you’ll ever sit through. Go stream it now on Netflix, but make sure you grab something to cry into when you do.¬†