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I was sent Project Apidom as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let it sway my opinions of the game. This will be my honest review.

Project Apidom is a 3 team MOBA for PC. Teams battle it out on an open map, fighting mobs and each other until only one team is left standing. Instead of unique characters like you see in traditional MOBAs League of Legends, everyone starts with the same generic frame with customizable armor. Armor and weapons affect the stats and abilities of the character. Players have the ability to customize characters to fit their playstyle. Players can also buy stats as they play like in traditional RPGs. Project Apidom 

is a unique take on the MOBA, but one that needs a lot of work before it can earn a recommendation. 

The game is still in early access beta and clearly unfinished. It runs fine, but it feels empty and bare in its current stage. The biggest problem I had with Project Apidom is the matchmaking. I was never able to find a game. The matchmaking isn’t great, but I think the bigger issue is its small population. The community is steadily growing, but the growth is too slow for a game whose emphasis is on PvP. If you try this game, join with friends because playing alone isn’t fun. Make sure you join the official Discord to find people to play with and for information about events run by the devs.

As this game currently sits, I can’t recommend it. I found the gameplay boring, and there aren’t enough people to play with for it to be worth the trouble of booting it up. The game runs fine, but it’s empty and unimpressive. That said, I understand the experience might differ in a full game with real players. 

If you are looking for a new MOBA game, you should look into something like Eternal Return instead. The game has a similar concept, but it is finished and it is playable. But if you don’t mind the rough early access environment, it doesn’t hurt to try it for yourself. The community on their discord is growing daily, and the devs run tournaments from time to time. As of writing this review, you can get a free key if you type /givesteamkey in general chat on their Discord

Project Apidom is a neat concept for a MOBA, but it isn’t finished, and it isn’t impressive yet. You can check it out on Steam