When the Pokémon TCG My First Battle was first announcedI didn’t pay too much attention to it. It was a neat idea, but I didn’t have any use for it at the time. I’ve since been playing a lot more into the game, but I would love some people to play with irl. I could spend the money to build a competitive deck and make time to go to a local league, but it would also be nice to teach people to play in a more casual setting. I have a few cousins and nephews who collect the cards that might be interested, so I did more research about the product and put in a preorder

over at GameNerdz.

My First Battle offers a streamlined way of teaching younger players simplified fundamentals of the card game. The hardest part about any TCG is the overwhelming mechanics and rules that go with them. Pokémon is too hard to pick up, but I can see it being overwhelming for newcomers. 

My First Battle is designed for younger players. It has simplified rules and mechanics to give players the necessary foundation to get started with the Pokémon TCG. This product is meant to be a solid jumping, but its effectiveness is yet to be seen. Decks have been streamlined to guide players through the different phases, terms, and mechanics. 

The kits come with:

  1. 2 17-card mini decks
  2. 2 playmats
  3. A rulebook, a metallic coin
  4. A sheet of damage counters
  5. 6 prize tokens. 

I went out and preordered a set of these kits to play with my nephew. I will be comparing its effectiveness as an introductory and see how it compares to the Pokemon TCG Battle Academy kit. Stay tuned for that review. 

The kits hit stores on September 29 and will retail at $9.99 MSRP each. GameNerdz has a set of two on sale for $14.97. Free shipping is available after $75, which shouldn’t be a problem to hit. They have a lot of great deals on products you are going to want to fill your shelves with. 

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