The RIG 600 PRO Series headsets have been released just in time for some early holiday shopping or for those of you looking for an upgrade. These headsets come with a USB-C wireless adapter that promises a low-latency 2.4 GHz connection for an amazing 3D sound stage. And with an up to 18-hour battery life, it is the perfect accessory for those long gaming sessions. But you won’t be limited to the adapter. The headsets also support your favorite Bluetooth devices like your PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile devices for up to 24 hours of battery life. The headsets also come with an attached chat-optimized mic for your multiplayer games, and it folds discretely into the earcup with a cool flip-to-mute feature when you don’t need it.


The RIG PRO Series headsets come in two flavors: the 600 PRO HS and the 600 PRO HX with exclusive Urban and Artic camos available only at Walmart. Both come with a USB-C charging cable and support Dolby AtmosĀ®. The difference between the headsets is that the HS was designed for the PlayStation, while the HX was officially licensed by Xbox. Both headsets MSRP at $99.99 and might be a solid option if you are looking for a new headset.

600 PRO HS

PRO 600 HX

Exclusive Walmart Camos

Arctic (600 PRO HS)