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I’ve been playing Songs of Silence since the beta went live. Sign-ups are still open, and I suggest you try it for yourself. The game offers an interesting and unique experience that I am excited for. I recommend you join the official Discord if you want to stay up to date on all the news. I’ve also written about Songs of Silence in a previous post, so make sure you read that as well. I won’t be reviewing the game this time around because it isn’t finished yet. This will be an update based on my impressions of the beta.

Songs of Silence combines the deck builder and strategy genre and creates something I can see myself being addicted to. The game combines two of my favorite concepts and plays them against a fantastic soundtrack. It is still rough, and that roughness does create some frustration, but once I got the hang of the mechanics, it became hard to step away. 


The game has a similar action economy to games like CIV. Each turn you earn your income, move your units, plan your attacks, and expand your empire. The story mode can switch up this flow based on the scenario, but the loop remains the same. What makes the game unique are the heroes that run your squad. Each hero has special abilities based on the cards you collect throughout your campaign. As your hero levels, you gain access to new cards or you can level existing abilities. The abilities you play are on a timer, so use them wisely! The size of your squad and hand are based on your hero’s level. I had a lot of fun learning the strengths and limitations of each unit and hero. I am sure there is an optimal way to build each hero and their squad, but I always went with what was fun.

The game offers you a lot of choices. You can choose where to move your character, what mobs to attack, what villages to annex or pillage, and what units to recruit. The only control over the combat you have is where your units start in the formation and when you use your abilities. It may sound a little passive, but you can easily lose a deceive battle if you aren’t playing smart or paying attention.

The beta includes a story and scrimmage mode. The story isn’t finished yet, but there was enough of it to get me curious. I spent most of my time in the scrimmage mode, and the scrimmage mode becomes addicting once you get the hang of it. There isn’t enough content available for me to no-life this game, but I can see it getting there. I will say that the RNG involved in scrimmage mode can be frustrating, but it never became a deal breaker. 

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the beta and add it to your wishlist. Songs of Silence is an interesting concept that you should try at least once. It has beautiful art, a fantastic soundtrack, and fun mechanics. It is still a little rough, but the devs are working hard to make it better.