I was sent Hellsweeper VR as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let this sway my opinions. This will be an honest review of the game. If you enjoy my reviews, don’t forget to like, comment, follow, and share this with your friends. 

Hellsweeper VR is a roguelike hack-and-slash game for Steam, Quest, and PlayStation VR. You play as a dammed soul trying to repent for your sins. You are tasked with spending your afterlife hunting down demons until your depth is paid, earning your passage to heaven. 

The game has cool flavor and a solid concept, but Hellsweeper is a bit too simple for its own good. Once the novelty of the experience wears off, the game becomes repetitive and boring. You dive into the dungeon and try to get as far as possible before dying and starting over. You start with simple weapons or magic and find upgrades throughout your run or you can buy them in between them. Combat feels clunky, and it grows stale after a while. You have options on how you fight the forces of hell, but I always felt the guns were the best way to go about it. The game tries to shake things up by having you complete different missions during each run, but not all of them are fun. By the end of my first run, there wasn’t any real reason to keep playing. 

The game isn’t bad, but there are better games you can play. Hellsweeper VR isn’t worth the $29.99 it asks for, and even at a discount, your money is better spent elsewhere.