I was sent Dance Dash and the remote straps for the Meta Quest 2 to review for my blog. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let it sway my opinions. This will be my honest review of the game. If you’ve been enjoying my reviews, make sure you like, comment, and share this with your friends. I’ve got a bunch of games lined up for future posts, so don’t forget to leave me a follow as well!

While you don’t necessarily need the straps to play Dance Dash, the experience is better with them. The straps are a solid build quality and are sturdy. They both held the Quest remotes snugly and securely to my feet without incident. It did take some time to become comfortable with having the controllers on my feet, but even at my wildest, there wasn’t much danger. That said, be careful when using these accessories and playing this game. I recommend you use shoes as instructed for added security. Playing barefoot didn’t allow enough clearance to between the sensors and the floor to play this game safely. 

The only real issue I had with the straps was when the game made me jump over obstacles. While the remotes were secured safely, there was always enough of a shift during the jumps to make me uncomfortable. Investing in dedicated feet trackers might be the optimal way to play this game, but I only recommend that route if this becomes the only game you daily drive. Otherwise, the straps (or something creative like it) will suffice. 

Dance Dash is a solidly built game. It runs fine for a rhythm game, but make sure you play in a well-lit room to ensure proper tracking. I also recommend turning off-hand tracking. I found that the game would often confuse the controls and stop tracking my feet. This would turn the game into a sort of drumming game which can also be fun with a bit of tweeking. The graphics are fun and good enough, the hands-free controls work well, and the mechanics left me breathing a little harder than Beat Saber. The music is fine, but you can always use the free Dance Dash Beatmap Editor to make and upload your own.


Dance Dash is fine if you are looking for a new rhythm game and don’t mind buying into the accessories. They aren’t required, but they make a difference. You can pick up Dance Dance for Steam VR for $19.99. You can also pick up the bundle with accessories for Meta Quest 2 ($29.99), Vive (49.99) and Valve Index ($29.99)