Blast Ace releases November 17th, and that means it’s prerelease weekend! Make sure you check with your LGS to see if they are running any events. You can also check TCG Plus for events near you. Participants will receive a special 2-pack of stamped promo cards in addition to this cute Gatomon!

Prereleases are a great way to meet others in the community, play some Digimon, and have a great time. Winners of the event will also earn a special Greymon (X Antibody) silver foil, and it looks amazing!

Don’t forget to support your LGS. People who purchase a booster box during Prerelease weekend get an additional promo pack! Blast Ace has some solid Box-Toppers you’re going to want to get your hands on. I know it’s always cheaper to buy the singles you want, but nothing beats cracking a bunch of packs.

The Box Toppers in no Particular Order

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