The Drakantos devs have created a special channel on their official discord dedicated to the lore and characters of the upcoming pixel art MMO. Make sure you give it a follow if you want to stay up to date on all the Drakantos news. The devs have been busy filling this new section with character art, gifs, and back story. After sifting through the updates, I am disappointed that there isn’t more, but remain hyped for the release. There is still no release date, but I’ll keep you posted when the information becomes available. Make sure you check out my original post if you want a more detailed first impression. 

I am going to post what is available because I want to help promote it. This game looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I love the art, and the bit of gameplay I’ve seen looks interesting. I can’t wait for its release, but until then, I’ll be following it closely. Make sure you add it to your Wishlist and follow the Discord!

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drakantos logo


iris from drakantos
Iris drakantos gif
iris from drakantos


Ozul from Drakantos
Ozul from Drakantos gif
Ozul from Drakantos character art


Yura from Drakantos
Yura Drakantos MMO gif
Yura from Drakantos character art


Liam from Drakantos
Liam drakantos gif
Liam from Drakantos Character art


Zeugladius from Drakantos
Zeugladios drakantos mmo gif
Zeugladius from Drakantos character art


Thomas from Drakantos
Thomas drakantos mmo
Thomas from Drakantos character art


Yuki from Drakantos
Yuki drakantos mmo
Yuki from Drakantos character art


Ophis from Drakantos
ophis drakantos mmo gif
ophis artwork drakantos mmo

Irhall from Drakantos
Irahaal drakantos mmo gif
Irhaal from Drakantos character art


Kavras from drakantos
Kavras Drakantos MMO gif
Kavras from drakantos character art


Arryn from Drakantos
Arryn Drakantos MMO gif
Arryn artwork drakantos mmo


Orbryn from Drakantos
Orbryn drakantos mmo gif
Orbryn from Drakantos character art


Urijor from Drakantos
Urijor drakantos MMO gif
Urijor from Drakantos character art


Ojore from Drakantos
Ojore Drakantos mmo
Ojore from Drakantos Character art


Reya from Drakantos
Reya Drakantos mmo
Reya Drakantos MMO artwork


Mohazus from Drakantos
Mohazus Drakantos mmo gif
Mohazus from Drakantos character art


Korz from Drakantos
Korz drakantos mmo gif
Korz from Drakantos character art


Byron from Drakantos
Byron Drakantos mmo gif
Byron from Drakantos character art


Faendar from Drakantos
Faendar drakantos gif
Faendar from Drakantos character art


Marly from Drakantos
Marly Drakantos Gif
Marly artwork drakantos mmo