I was sent Beyond Sunset as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let it sway my opinions of the game. This will be my honest review. If you enjoy my reviews, please leave a like, comment, follow, and share this with your friends. 

beyond sunset screenshot

Beyond Sunset is a retro-style arcade shooter out now for PC. Use your powers to defeat enemies as you zip through a futuristic city, trying to earn back your memories. What truths will your deeds unlock? 

Beyond Sunset plays like a sped-up retro shooter like Doom but with enough modern tweaks to make it interesting to new and old fans of the genre. Players have access to fun and unique weapons to hack or shoot away unique enemies as they fight their way through a vibrant cyber-punk-inspired city. While this game may seem simple, the speed gives this game its challenge. Zipping and maneuvering through the hoards of enemies gets some getting used to. You will die a few times, but have a blast doing so. 

beyond sunset gameplay screenshot

As you fight your way through the city, you’ll pick up upgrades and new weapons that affect gameplay. While it does make some encounters easier, there will always be enough of a challenge to keep the game engaging. Success in this game boils down to careful maneuvering and appropriately timed assassinations. While there was an occasional stutter here and there, the game ran great. I honestly forgot it was an early-access title. 

I had a lot of fun with this game. I love the pixel-art cyber-punk aesthetic, the high-speed gameplay, and the amazing synth-wave soundtrack. If you are a fan of the classic FPS, Beyond Sunset is a very welcomed update. If you need a new title to pass some time, Beyond Sunset is a fantastic addition to your collection. I know the game isn’t finished yet, but it honestly isn’t a problem. There is enough content available already to be worth every penny.

beyond sunset screenshot

You can pick up Beyond Sunset on Steam for $9.99. It is currently on sale for $8.99 until November 15, but there is a demo available if you need further convincing.