Youtube Reviews: Idiocracy (2006)

Source This movie is a political satire that addresses the dangers of commercialism, complacency, and laziness. It is an interpretation of a possible future if we as a society do not change. The future is a waste land full of idiots who no longer are capable of solving basic problems. There are trash mountains, rampant... Continue Reading →

Youtube Reviews: The Shack (2017)

Source It's a Christian movie. It explores a man's faith in God through a series of conversations as a he works through the loss of his youngest daughter. Is it a good movie? No. It's slow, repetitive, predictable and preachy. I lost interest half way through because nothing happens. Is it a good Christian movie?... Continue Reading →

Youtube Reviews: The Promotion

Source It's hard to write about this movie because it was so bland. This is a movie about the mundane nature of working at a super market. The humor comes from the extraordinary antics that come from the two main characters competing for the same promotion. It is a bit like Napoleon Dynamite in that... Continue Reading →

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