I watched the Bill and Ted reboot and was disappointed. It didn’t have the same charm that the originals had, so I lost interest pretty quickly. After the reboot, I feared that maybe my memory of the original movies was skewed by my youthful ignorance. It is because of this fear that I have been avoiding rewatching this movie for a while now. Today I bit the bullet and I am pleasantly satisfied with how well Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure holds up. Some of the jokes do not hold up, but overall the story is solid and is still worth your time.

I love Bill and Ted as protagonists. A lot of this movie’s charm comes from how well they are played. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have amazing chemistry and have helped create an incredibly iconic duo. What I like most is that they aren’t just silly dumb one-note characters. Although they are aloof by nature, they learn from the events of their adventure and grow because of it. Bill and Ted are not the same characters they started as despite them still being aloof.

This is a most excellent movie that you can watch for free on YouTube. You can also find the sequel on YouTube as well. Check them out if you have some time, and remember, party on dudes.