Movie Review: Emergency (2022)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, please consider buying me a coffee Emergency is a fantastic movie that you need to watch. While this movie may be packaged as another Hangover clone, it proves to be much more meaningful. Emergency uses the tired old formula of the genre to make important criticism about racial... Continue Reading →

Series Review: The Pentaverate (2022)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, buy me a coffee Someone somewhere saw Love Guru and The Master of Disguise and decided that the world needed more of that. As a result, we were cursed with the most painfully unfunny series, The Pentaverate. The Pentaverate is a series full of bad puns, worse accents,... Continue Reading →

Series Review: This Fool (2022)

As far as sketch comedy shows go, This Fool is just okay. I thought it was funny enough, but it isn't something you should be rushing to see. If you are looking for something to throw on in the background to watch passively, this is an option. This Fool is about an ex-con and the cousin who helps... Continue Reading →

TV Series Review: Loot (2022)

Source Loot is a wholesome comedy on Apple TV that you should consider watching. Apple is in a great position for streaming because of all the fantastic original content it has available. If you don't have a subscription, find out if your cell phone or internet provider has a trial available. But, even without the trial,... Continue Reading →

Series Review: The Lake (2022)

Amazon is stepping up its content game and seriously giving other streaming platforms a meaningful challenge. If you have Amazon Prime membership, you need to watch The Lake. This wholesome dramatic comedy is fantastically binge-worthy. Billie was put up for adoption as a baby. Now, 16 years later, she is sent to spend a summer... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Exit Strategy (2012)

Source Exit Strategy was a difficult sit because of how hard it tries to be quirky and funny. The problem with this movie is that the actors aren't charismatic enough to make the movie work. The poor script and mediocre acting lead to some very flat performances and a film that is never funny. To make... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Senior Year (2022)

Source This movie is fine. The cast is charming and funny enough to make this movie work, but it isn't anything transcending and I doubt this movie's lasting power. This will not be your favorite comedy. That said, the acting is fine, the jokes are funny enough, and the story is decent. There are worse... Continue Reading →

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