Evil Wizard is Coming to Xbox and PC

Evil Wizard is coming to the Xbox and PC on May 25, and it might be something to look into if you like classic RPGs. You play as the villain as you reclaim your castle from heroes. You fight bosses, save your minions, and even pet a dog or three. Evil Wizard appears to be a fast-paced, silly adventure that might be a lot of fun. The art is cute, the tone is dark but not without its silliness, and the gameplay looks solid. I love the pixel art and the dark fantasy aesthetic, but I am a bit partial to this pixel art resurgence we’ve been going through. The combat looks pretty solid, especially if you are a fan of the traditional beat-em-ups. I am really digging the magic system and am interested in trying it out. 

A price hasn’t been announced yet, but you can go wishlist Evil Wizard on Steam to get the notification. Make sure to join the official Discord and follow the game on Twitter for all the news! 

art taken from the press kit


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