I was sent Dungeons 4 as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let it sway my opinions about the game. This will be my honest review of Dungeons 4. 

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Dungeons 4 is a quirky and unique RTS out now for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam, Epic Games, and the official Kalypso store. The Absolute Evil is back to claim victory over the last remaining bastion of good. With your trusty servant Thalya captured, it is up to you to raise an army, spread your evil across the land, and get her back eventually. Do you have what it takes to finally defeat the forces of good?

dungeons 4 overworld map screenshot

This is the 4th installment to the Dungeons, but you don’t need to have played any of the Dungeons games to understand what is going on. Aside from a few references to the previous games, Dungeons 4′s story is self-contained and fantastic. Dungeons 4 is fun, quirky, and meta in a way that you need to play once to appreciate. It has a fantastic cast of voice actors, and a magnificent soundtrack to get you in the mood for evil. 

Most importantly, the gameplay is fun. Dungeons 4 is a wonderful blend of the village management, tower defense, and RTS genre. The game will frequently switch between genres as you move through the camping. 

dungeons 4 dungeon screenshot

Underground, you will build a dungeon where you gather resources and defend them against the forces of good. The game plays like the usual village builder, except the build phase won’t be endless. Eventually, you’ll build a strong enough force to clear the rest of the dungeon or make your way above ground where you’ll attempt to rescue your evil assistant Thalya. 

Heroes will occasionally attempt to raid your dungeon to steal your resources, kill your minions, and destroy the heart of the dungeon. You’ll be responsible for setting traps, building an army, and keeping them happy. I found this part of the game extremely relaxing and my favorite loop. It was fun trying to design a dungeon that was both functional and well-defended. I wish there were a way to speed up the levels, but the wait isn’t long enough for it to be a huge problem.

The RTS portions of the game are a bit simple, but I found them perfect for my skill level. I am not good at RTS games, so I appreciated that it provided enough challenge to keep things fun. There are ways to make this game more challenging, and there is even a co-op mode for added insanity, but I enjoyed the normal solo experience well enough to recommend it.

I loved this game and see myself replaying it in the future. It’s cute, it’s quirky, and everything I want from a casual RTS game. If you a looking for a wacky, relaxing experience in any of the mentioned genres, do yourself a favor and pick up Dungeons 4. 

You can pick up Dungeons 4 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam, or Epic Games for $49.99. You can also get it directly from Kalypso for $47.99. It’s free on Game Pass if you have a subscription.