Movie Review: Ghosted (2023)

If you have been enjoying my content and want to support what I do, please consider buying me a coffee I just watch Ghosted, but I wish I didn't. This has to be one of the laziest and most boring action films I have seen, and I have sat through some terrible movies. This movie is so... Continue Reading →

Your Place or Mine

If you like what I do and want to show your support, please consider buying me a coffee It is no secret that I have been disappointed by the romcoms I've had to sit through this year. When Your Place or Mine popped up on my feed, I was justifiably skeptical that this movie would break my... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: At Midnight (2023)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, please consider buying me a coffee At Midnight is the cheesiest movie the cheesiest romcom that I have seen this year. The writing is bad, and the story is predictable, but it isn't the worst movie I've seen all year. If you enjoy cheesy... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: You People (2023)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, please consider buying me a coffee I wasn't a fan of You People because it is a lazy movie at its core. It has good actors who give fantastic performances, but this is a movie that sacrifices narrative in order to make its pretentious points... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Wedding Season (2022)

Wedding Season is a surprising rom-com. You have seen this narrative formula before, and that's okay. Wedding Season has been reskinned to the experience of an Indian American couple trying to live their lives under the pressures of their community. It is a solid date night movie and one that you won't hate if you... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Perfect Guy (2022)

This was a very forgettable romantic comedy that tries a little too hard to be quirky. I couldn't find any information about this movie, even on the lead's (Kate Micucci) IMDb page. This might be an indication that this movie was meant to be buried, but I was the unfortunate soul that unearthed it. If... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Competition(2018)

I had to gut this review because every draft before this was too long. I was beginning to nitpick every aspect of this movie out of frustration, but this movie doesn’t deserve it. The Competition is bad and you should avoid it.  The competition is supposed to be a quirky rom-com about an intelligent woman who views love... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Here After (2020)

I had to think hard about whether or not I liked this movie. While it does have its moments, they are overshadowed by this movie's lazy writing. Here After is one of the laziest romantic comedies I have ever seen.  Here After is about a romance between a ghost and a living woman. The movie deals with relationships,... Continue Reading →

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