Singularity (2017) was written and directed by Robert Kouba. The movie starts out in 2020 with the launch of Kronos, an AI super computer that is supposed to solve everything. We get introduced to the main character Andrew Davis who is taking care of his mother. As Andrew goes to work, Kronos goes online and determines that man’s biggest problem is man and starts destroying mankind. We cut to 97 years later where Andrew wakes up unscathed and unaged as he climbs out of some hole and conveniently finds a brand new outfit. He also picks up a necklace that the film desperately wants you to know is important. This movie tries ineradicably hard to be symbolic.

We then get introduced to Katniss Croft, I mean Calia who is on her way to the last standing human city. She saves Andrew from a droid attack and they decide to go on this magical quest together. Of course, they fall in love because they both admire that they are each the leads of this movie. In the meantime, Elias, the creator of Kronos, watches the leads in hopes that they will lead him to the last city, so he can wipe out the last of humanity. Through this Elias we discover that Andrew is a robot disguised as a human. The rest of the film is the love story of the two leads as they try to survive a machine run planet, and the obvious plot of Andrew being more human than machine.

This movie has too many holes leaving the story incapable of holding up on its own. It is incredibly dull. There is no tension. In the scenes when the leads are being chased, I found myself dozing off because the terrible CGI took too long to render. This was a hard sit as there isn’t anything that holds your attention.

The acting is terrible. The scenes between the two leads are just awkward. They have absolutely no chemistry, so their romance is forced an unbelievable. Julian Schaffner’s performance is just so robotic. It would work if the plot didn’t rely on the fact that Andrew must be believable as a human, therefore, this performance only makes all his scenes awkward. Jeannine Wacker doesn’t do any better and her live performance just seems lazy and unconvincing. She is also the narrator, and although her voice acting parts do have a little more emotion, it is not a lot or enough. John Cusack sleep walked through this. If you are a Cusack fan, skip this one. He basically reads lines and makes silly faces.

The story is flawed and full of holes. There are scenes where they will go into houses that look like they have been abandoned for weeks, not the 97 years that they were supposed to be. Why does it take 97 years to destroy humanity? Why does she carry a crossbow? The film leaves you with too many questions.

There is a lot plot points that they add and they forget about so by the end of it, if you in fact make it to the end, will leave you confused. They have human tunnel dwellings, robot cities, human strong holds, some weird neckless, and none of it really matters because they never really explain it. Instead you get to follow the two leads who you don’t even believe that they like each other. The best part of the movie is that they had the balls to sequel bate. I think it is funny that someone believed that this, what ever this is, would merit a second part.

This movie is boring. The concept might be cool if executed better but at this point, go watch Terminator. This movie isn’t worth your time and I’ll honestly forget it by tomorrow. I’ll give this movie a 1 out 10. Skip it.