Where’s the Money (2017) Review

Where’s The Money (2017) comes to us from director Scott Zabielski. The film is a heist comedy staring Andrew Bachalor as Del. The movie starts off giving you context of the economic inequality that exists in South Central LA. You get introduced to the main character, Del, who lives in a struggling boxing Gym. You also get introduced to his friend Juice, played by Allan Maldonado, and the love interest Alicia, played by Kat Graham. After receiving a call from his father who was imprisoned for bank robbery, he learns the location of his father’s 1-million-dollar stash. Del and the other main characters become determined to find the money but discover the house where the money is stashed was turned into a frat house. Now, Del with the help of his friends must infiltrate the house and pretend to be a student trying to rush the frat. The rest of the movie turns into a frat comedy where we get to see Del participate in the hazing process while trying to get the money out of the house.

This movie works for the most part. Although not all of the jokes land, I got some good laughs out of it. It does try to address issues about racial inequality and racism. They briefly insert jokes about gingerfication for example. There is a scene where the frat boys are dressed like the clan. But they mostly joke about triggers, specifically what white people can say around black people. Although some of it did get a laugh, it doesn’t always work, and it gets a bit repetitive. It is stuff that has been done before.

The love interest plot line was a bit forced. There was no chemistry between the two characters and the only reason that they end up together (spoilers) is because it was written so. I didn’t really care for that plotline as the scenes where they are flirting and together aren’t funny and just drag.

The plot is generic. It isn’t bad, you can get one good viewing of it but I wouldn’t watch it again. It is forgettable if anything, I probably wont even remember what it’s about a month or even a week from now. Some of the jokes don’t land and they will stay on that joke for way too long and although it’s only an hour and thirty minutes, it will feel a bit longer. The second half in particular feels longer because it stops being as funny. The jokes are tired, they will make sure you know that Jake Paul is from Youtube and resolution is lacking.

Overall, I’ve seen worse. It isn’t a bad sit at all so if you are bored, definitely go for it. It won’t hold up the second time around though as the plot is really basic and the jokes are easy. Ill give this a 6 out 10 because it does work, and I found parts that were funny, but I won’t be adding this to my favorites.

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